Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mississippi Burning

Jessica Chambers was burned alive in Mississippi. Assuming the killer was black, will journalists with names such as "Horowitz" and "Rubin" use this story to bring awareness of black on white crime? Will feminist organizations use this murder to highlight domestic violence? Will Obama shed a tear and state that this could have been his daughter?

A good essay from Fred Reed:

It is curious: Though I have spent a lifetime in journalism, I do not read a newspaper, not the New York Times nor the Washington Post nor the Wall Street Journal. Nor do I have television service.

Why? Because, having worked in that restaurant, I know better than to eat there. The foregoing media are quasi-governmental organs, predictably predictable and predictably dishonest. The truth is not in them.


  1. Let the Anti Whites keep pushing their Anti White agenda and awaken the sleeping giant.

    TICK. TICK TICK .. !

  2. I think eventually there will be some isolated actions, which may or may not spark a broader reaction.

  3. Ramsey,

    Always enjoy and look forward to another one of your videos. You should check out videos of Jonathan Bowden, a kindred spirit from England. In a nutshell, we here in America have a Hostile elite running the country and it's institutions, Government, media, academia etc. Anyway, great post, keep up the good work. Check out the link below.



  4. she don't seems pure white ,his face is very mongolized!