Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sabrina Rubin Erdely's masturbatory tale

Social Justice Warrior (SJW) women need to put down 50 Shades of Grey and cool their hormones. There seems to be a rash of Marxist women writing about their right-wing sexual domination fantasies. The problem is that they are presenting their works of erotic fiction as fact. This is causing police to waste time and money investigating these hysterical claims.

This trend started with a University of Wyoming fat girl claiming Republicans were making rape threats. The police investigated and determine she made these threats.

Then Anita Sarkeesian joined the hysteria:

Now we have Sabrina Rubin Erdely writing about some supposed gang rape as part of a fraternity initiation at the University of Virginia. Her story reads as bad porn. The trouble is that she presented this fantastical story as non-fiction.This has caused a general hysteria on campus with demands of more laws being passed to stop all these evil White men.

As a supposed "journalist" Sabrina did not bother to source or check any of the claims.

Bloggers were the first to discover the many inconsistencies with this lurid tale:

Now even the mainstream media is starting to suspect that her story is complete bullshit.


  1. Is it conceivable that you have a Nigerian Doppelganger Ramz?

  2. It's very odd. I think a lot of female SJWs have a predilection for nazi rape porn, or something like it.

    1. Women have this masturbatory fantasy wherein they enjoy sex but take no responsibility.

      It's a very common theme and serves to help them avoid responsibility for their actions and place then upon men.

  3. Interesting. I just read about the apparently fabricated rape of some D-list actor at Oberlin by a republican called "Barry." I guess it's an epidemic.

    What always blows my mind is that we have all these hoaxes, and they're exposed as hoaxes, and instead of the mea culpas from the idiots who believed them, we get, "the truth isn't important, there's a valuable lesson here." Ferguson is a great example, but it's only the latest. Look at all the hate crime hoaxes where the campus brass used it as a teachable moment to make everyone sign up for diversity training. Pish tosh.