Monday, January 19, 2015

American Sniper - Why we like it

The Left is OUTRAGED and butt hurt that American Sniper is doing so well at the box office. Selma, the sermon about the evils of White people, is bombing. RACIST! RACIST! WITCH! RACIST!

The basic problem is that the government counts on people like this:

And this guy represents everything this government hates. He is a White (southern - from Texas) man who likes girls and guns.

To keep in power these people:

An ethnic homosexual who likes to drink coco and complain about White privilege.


  1. Anything that pisses off leftists like I-am-an-hypocrite Michael Moore gets my support:

    The same leftists that say nothing when a movie like Inglorious basterds glorifies killing Germans by a bunch of vengeful "Finns".

  2. I can respect Chris Kyle as an ace professional but how is he any kind of patriot? He's just a running dog sent to invade a country and kill foreigners who did nothing to us.

    He may be physically tough and disciplined in what he does, but he has NO CONTROL over whom he kills. If the Neocons who rule Washington were to order Kyle to fight Russia and kill white gentiles, he would do so.
    Soldiers are tough guys, and they are patriotic heroes when defending their own nation. But American soldiers overseas are not heroes. They are grocery clerks and bag boys of the New World Order controlled by Jews.

    One thing for sure, US will never send American soldiers to go kill Israelis. No, US soldiers will be sent to kill Muslims, Asians, Russians, Africans, and etc. But never Jews. They will just serve Jews in Washington and Israel.

    True, Kyle is a man of professionalism. But he has no power of mind. He does as he is ordered. It's like horses and dogs can be trained to do amazing things. But they just follow orders of their masters.
    There are plenty of tough white conservative guys in the military. But US military takes orders from civilian authority in Washington, and leaders are guys like Obama and his Jewish bosses.

    In a way, the pajama boys of the world have more balls and power. Lots of Jews look like pajama boys. They make billions on Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley. They have mental power. Zuckerberg and Google boys are not macho men. They are geeks but they are worth billions and control politicians who decide which wars we fight.

    So, who owns whom? Pajama boys control US foreign policy, and people like Kyle are just attack dogs sent to bark and bite. A horse is bigger and stronger than a man. But man controls the horse. Never judge a book by its cover. Brains rule.

    1. AOL - my thoughts exactly on every point you make - only I could not have put it so well.

    2. Excellent post. Pajama boys could tell the Chris Kyles of America to shoot Russian patriots in the back, rape their women and use their children for target practice; they will fall all over themselves to enlist. It's one thing to use murderous psychopaths like Kyle to kill invaders but these are the same men you find on every large police force protecting corrupt politicians, Goldman Sacs and any element of the police/surveillance state. Easily purchased, willing to kill almost anyone-send them to murder dirt poor farmers with old rifles trying to repel the mercenaries that the Jews send to make Israel a little safer or grab an underdeveloped nation's natural resources. The same "soldiers" that pave the way for junk food, cultural filth and Holocaust indoctrination.
      Making America safe for democracy, freedom, Slut Walk, free porn and endless usury. The Chris Kyles of the world would murder just about anyone for a badge, gun, paycheck and a woman to f.

    3. Right, except on the pj boys having more balls. More power, sure. Political, financial. But balls? No. They are without balls. Balls would be to go into the front lines as a general among their soldiers and command and lead the army from in field.

  3. It's not the Holocaust that began this whole victimological thing. It was Jesus and the cult of the Crucifixion and Turn the Other Cheek and all that.
    What Jews did was appropriate that aspect of Christianity in their construction of Holocaustianity. Notice how Anne Frank became the new madonna.