Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Enriched!

So a bunch of Muslims butchered 12 people because they mocked the pedo known as Mohammad.  Hey, diversity is our fucking strength!

But it is illegal in France to question the Holocaust.  So the Muslims have a point. If people are thrown in jail for questioning the Jewish tale of the Holocaust, why is it wrong for Muslims to kill those that question their religious fables? Throwing a person in a cage for ideas is an act of violence. So don't give me the freedom of speech bullshit.

Christianity is the bulwark that historically has protected Europe from the Jews and the Muslims.

Make no mistake. This is war.


  1. Your best ever, Ramzpaul. Bravo

  2. Good video and good points, Ramz.

    Here in Spain we are having a heated debate about Islam because we are 47 million people in my country and in the last 15 years we have imported 1.7 million Muslims mainly from North Africa. That's more than 3% of the population. Keep in mind that in the 47 million are included nationalized Muslims and other immigrants, so the number of real Spaniards is even lower and the percentage of Muslims increases if we do not count them as Spaniards. In my opinion, they are not. Not racially and not culturally.

    Here, liberals call themselves "progresistas" (progressives) and we conservatives and libertarians call them despectively "progres".

    As in your country, they have been saying that diversity was our strength and that immigrants were going to pay our pensions because "we didn't want to have children", so they had to come to enrich us and rejuvenate our population.

    But now some of them are starting to see the danger and are recoiling. It is funny to see how two prominent progre-feminazis (Pilar Rahola and Julia Otero) were advocating massive immigration and now they fear the Muslims like a wolf: they see the danger because they saw how Muslims treat women, progressives, homosexuals, sex, alcohol and hedonism.

    I always said that when Europe becomes Eurabia, progressives are going to be the first to fall. And that is liberalism backfiring. They are the useful idiots of Islam. Once Islam reaches its objectives, they are going to get rid of the progressives first because if there is something they hate more than Christendom and European traditions is progressive "morals" and lifestyle.

    Those idiot progres have created the problem and now they are going to be the first to suffer it. In the future I will see them begging for our aid and support because they are going the first to be beheaded, lapidated and hanged. But maybe it will be too late.

  3. Make no mistake. This is war.

    Yes! Some of us have been pointing this out for years. Are people just awakening to this fact? One can only hope. I suspect, though, that it's going to take some acts by our own side to bring more attention to this issue.