Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goldman Sachs Goes Greek on Greece

The Leftist Syriza party won the recent elections in Greece. They ran on a popular anti-EU stance. However, now their leader is on his knees before the EU (and Goldman Sachs) and is saying that leaving the EU is like the lyrics in the song Hotel California - "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave". So much for the Communist bad ass.

Goldman Sachs helped Greece get into the EU by hiding 5.3 billion Euros.

Of course, the Goldman Sachs leader pulled a Sgt. Schultz:

Meaning, the chairman of Goldman Sachs is advocating more non-White immigration into Europe. So while the Greek people will be economically impoverished, they will be culturally enriched with Somalis.

Funny to see Greek Communists reference an American band:


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  2. The leftists in Spain are so disappointed with Syriza... Just because no woman was appointed for the new Greek government. Oh, and they made a deal with the far right. Oh, and they said that gay marriage was not in their program. So it turns to be that Syriza isn't going to do something radical against the NWO that they represent, that is, getting out of the Euro or declaring that they are not going to pay their national debt. They aren't going to change anything.

    I think that Syriza is a political party forged by the NWO to deflect people's anger. If I was Greek, I would have voted Golden Dawn.