Saturday, January 10, 2015

Je suis Charlie Martel

So the sheep in France are crying at candle light vigils crying - "I am Charlie!"

How touching that they support Free Speech!

Meanwhile, France bans a comedian from performing. And it is not Islam that is banning the comedian.

Fuck the censors! Europe will be return to the Europeans. The invaders can go back to their countries. This is war.

We people of European descent of the blood of Charles Martel within us. Act like it.

French comic who is considered anti-Semitic was banned from performing just hours after a court in Nantes said he could go ahead with his show.

This won't save Europe:


  1. I like your post, because I believe that it is our White European genetics and culture that should be the primary threads that bind our people together and that European Christian tradition is an important supporting thread which strengthens that bond. I am concerned that most factions of modern institutional Christianity are not traditional (in the Charles Martel sense), so I am reluctant to give these factions unqualified support. Charles Martel would be rolling in his grave if he saw the degree to which Cultural Marxism, the pursuit of "Diversity", and the subordination of White European interests have infested much of modern Christianity. Being a part of one of those factions can place you at odds with the preservation of the White European peoples and our culture. Keep up the great work!

  2. "This is war"

    Indeed, it is. We ought to start acting like it.

    I note a greater sense of urgency, or seriousness (or whatever you want to call it), in your pieces of late.

  3. So when is the race card going to be played in this little melodrama? All that the Muslims in France have to do is flip the race card on the table and voila the next elected President of France will be a non white Muslim. Islam has the the race card and can use it like a nuclear weapons arsenal and the whites will fold like a cheap lawn chair every time.

  4. We don't need Charles Martel. We need Vlad Tepes.

  5. We stopped Islam in Europe in four decisive occasions. The first was in Spain, in 722; don Pelayo rebeled against the Muslims and expelled them from Asturias. This action prevented them from conquering the totality of Spain. The second was in France, by Charles Martel; this prevented them from reaching the heart of Europe. The third was in Austria, in 1529: the Siege of Vienna; this prevented them from conquering Europe. And the forth was in Lepanto in 1571; this prevented them from controlling the Mediterranean.

    And now progressives are defending and protecting Islam, encouraging them to conquer Europe once and for all. We need to rise for a fifth decisive occasion and get rid of Islam and liberals once and for all.