Monday, January 26, 2015

Muskogee officer-involved shooting

The pro versus anti police argument is one that does not easily identify as a Left versus Right position. On the surface the Left is anti-police - "Damn those fascist pigs in blue!". But in reality the Left needs the police to enforce their rules. For example, speech criminals in Britain will not arrest themselves. You have to hire some goons with guns to enforce your will.

The primary purpose of a police force is to provide the muscle for the politicians. Mostly the police don't care about ideology. They are just loyal to who pays them. Is the target Right wing or Left wing? They don't care. As long as their monthly check is cashed they will follow orders and pull the trigger without a second thought.

This is what happened to Vicki Weaver. Her husband refused to act as an informer for the FBI. So the government had her assassinated by a sniper. She was holding her baby as she was killed. That is the police in action. I doubt the trigger man really cared about her ideology.

However, on a local level the "cop on the beat" rarely gets involved in political matters. They spend most of their time dealing with thugs and losers. And while local cops aren't exactly saints, they usually try to avoid unnecessary trouble. But if you pull a gun on them, they will also kill you without a second thought. That looks to be the situation that happened in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The thug (who happened to be black - not really a shock) ran from the cop and then dropped his gun. Once he reached down to get the gun, he signed his death sentence.  This had nothing to do with race. I would have been shot instantly in such a situation.

Higher than the "cop on the beat" are the SWAT teams. These are police who dress up and pretend they are navy seals. Instead of acting like peace officers, they act like Third World paramilitary thugs. In the video below, a mentally ill man in the mountains with a camping knife is confronted with police officers pretending they are storm troopers out of Star Wars.


  1. The Finns are currently playing the "I fear for my safety" card in order to enact all kinds of UN laws favourable to them

  2. I was in Albuquerque at that time and that guy had a long record, including slashing one guy's face with a utility knife. It doesn't give the cops the right to murder him, but that's why they did it.