Monday, January 12, 2015

Nerds Versus Feminists!

Some nerdy MIT professor (Scott Aaronson) wrote a heart felt post of how radical feminism almost destroyed him. At one point he was even considering a sex change because he was so ashamed of his gender. He related how he was always shy and awkward around girls. And he did not think he was a predatory rapist just because he was a male who was sexually attracted to women. He has since married and has a daughter.

Of course, the feminists on the Internet went bat shit insane and they demanded an apology. So he apologized and wrote long and grovelling posts begging for forgiveness. Of course, this only caused a furry of more hate directed to him.

Showing weakness to a girl is like showing blood to a shark. These feminists will ignore Muslims who rape children. But they will not tolerate weak nerds who dare to speak out of turn.

What is interesting is that the feminists also went after me. I think they were expecting an apology and grovelling. I told them to go fuck themselves. That was quickly the end of the matter.

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