Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why don't Japanese, English and Pandas have sex?

So the Japanese, British and Pandas are not having sex. Why? Because some creatures do not have sex in captivity. And the Japanese and most of the West are living in captivity. Pandas watch Panda porn in captivity but don't have sex with female pandas. That pretty must sounds like the typical feminized Western male.

I don't think it is genetic.

Here was a Samurai warrior in 1860.

Here is a modern Japanese male who works in a cube 60 hours a week:

So which of these two guys would sexually arouse Japanese girls? Rhetorical.

Captivity is not in our nature. It kills us as a people. And this has been proven by science.

From the book: Who's Been Sleeping In Your Head?

One of the participants in my research survey, an elderly Jewish woman whose parents perished in 1942 during the Nazi Holocaust, told me, rather shamefacedly, that whenever she masturbates, she imagines a group of S.S. officers in jackboots and other Nazi regalia forcing her to strip naked before strapping her to Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical examination table, where she must submit to probing of the most deadly surgical nature. This fantasy—which we might regard as utterly horrific and completely illogical—also produces the most explosive of orgasms, yet another instance of the compelling nature of the masturbatory paradox. This lady had absolutely no idea why the men who murdered her parents should become the desired objects of her secret sexual fantasy life; and until recently, such seemingly bizarre fantasies have baffled mental health experts 

It is interesting that the survey found ZERO women fantasize about left wing men who do their share of the chores. Left wing politics is a sexual killer for straight men.


  1. I think it would be a great comfort for this elderly lady to be told that the so called Holocaust did not happen and her parents were probably killed in an air raid by the 8th US Air Force or British Bomber Command.

  2. Interesting that in prisons (and zoos) there is a strict hierarchy. That, too, kills the libido.