Wednesday, February 4, 2015

9 Year old suspended for invisibility ring

A 9 year old White boy was suspended from school in Kermit, Texas. It seems the boy brought an invisibility ring to the classroom. Obviously, this frightened the teacher.  So the crises team intervened and stopped a potentially dangerous situation. God only know what a White boy might do with an invisibility ring.

So the principle, Roxanne Greer, suspended the boy for making terrorist threats. Multiple witnesses (including many girls in the class) confirmed that the boy did have a ring and was planning to go invisible.

Roxanne Greer's quick thinking stopped an invisible terrorist attack

Such heroics from the government schools have happened previously. In 2006, Mr. Bushyhead suspended a Goth girl after she cast a harmful spell on a teacher. The teacher later developed a bad case of diarrhea. While some people blamed the diarrhea on a bad burrito, the public school administration determined it was probably the Goth spell.

A Goth Terrorist

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  1. We discussed this news in a Spanish economy forum in which I participate and we are utterly outraged.

    It is the war on boys. Cultural marxism is feminizing the schools in the Western world and they don't let the boys to be boys. And that is the reason why boys are getting behind girls in the schools. They get worse marks, they lose interes in school, they leave it before and now they are a minority in the universities.

    The other day my wife was at a meeting with other parents and the principal of the school of my 3 year old daughter. He said that gender violence must be avoided in the school, so he set an example. He said that if a boy was playing and that a girl asked him to play and he said no, that was gender violence. My wife and the other parents were puzzled. What? Gender violence a normal behaviour in children? What are we talking about? A mother said that, at most, it was machism (I don't agree, I think is normal boyish behaviour), but not gender violence.

    Cultural marxism is in our schools now. Feminazism is in our schools now. We thought that Orwell's 1984 was fiction; no. It is in our schools today, and they are indoctrinating our children at young ages. And that is the reason why that now the best school is the one that burns. 1984 was meant to be a warning, not an instructions manual.

    I hope that Roxanne Greer dies a slow and painful death. She shouldn't be in charge of a school. I am starting to deeply hate leftists and I am not longer a tolerant.