Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Atheists Killing Muslims!

Three Muslim students were murdered in North Carolina. Obviously, this must be the work of a Right Wing Christian Tea Party remember! Well, the killer was actually a kooky Internet atheist who supported every Left wing cause imaginable. Take a look at his Facebook page. Hey, he even "Liked" the SPLC!

Atheism doesn't bother me. I have many friends who are either atheists or agnostics. I don't really care. But the atheists on the Internet are perpetually angry and bitter.  I have never seen such an unhappy group of people. They spend their days fretting about a few thousand deaths in Spain 500 years ago, while ignore the millions of people murdered under atheistic governments in modern times. I am not really surprised one of these disturbed people went on a shooting rampage.


  1. Internet Atheism (as you call it) has become a religion of it's own. You're not kidding in that they are the most self-righteous dogmatic religious nutjobs on the internet. They are more Anti-Theist than A(no)Theist(god). These people obsess to the point of insanity about how much they hate Christians (mainly) and other religions.

    Religions like Christianity give many people a moral compass and a sense of purpose.

    I'm non-religious and would be labeled "Atheist". But, I could care less about any religion, theist or non-theist. When someone says "Merry Christmas", I say "Merry Christmas" right back. When someone says, "God bless you", I say "thank you". It makes no sense meet kindness with hatred.

  2. You can find morons and faggots in all groups. You find morons between Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists and whatever group you can think about.

    The key is to be tolerant towards each other. Hey, I do not believe in what you believe but I respect your beliefs and your feelings. You must respect people even if you think they are wrong. That is the key for not to kill each other. Germans finally understood this in their religion wars, after all the bloodshed.

    I am an atheist because I don't believe in any god. And I came to this conclusion by myself. I never liked church and priests when I was a boy, moreover, I hated going to church and I hated my priest at the time, although I believed in God. But when I turned 19, I stopped believing, because I started an intellectual process and I realized that there was nothing out there. But that didn't make me hate Catholics. My parents are devout believers and I respect that. Being an atheist doesn't make me a hater; it shouldn't make one a hater.

    And being an atheist, I recognize that I am a cultural Christian. Why? Because Christianity has been in Europe for 2000 years, so our Western culture is impregnated whith Christianity. And Christianity forged Europe in its actual shape. And Europe was also forged against Islamism.

    Extremists are dangerous. They don't look for what unites us, but they look for what separates us and they are intolerants. And in the case of radical atheists, it seems that atheism is a religion for them, when it should be a nonbelief and that's all. Their attitude should be: I am an atheist, so I don't believe, that's all; live and let live.

    All the good people, believers and not believers should unite against cultural marxism and feminazism, and not fight each other. Oh, and against NWO governments.

  3. Maybe the trick is turn those angry atheists / anti-theists into what TRS calls 'postatheists'