Monday, February 2, 2015

Bruce Jenner's Gender Identity: What Should We Think?

It seems that former Olympic hero, Bruce Jenner, has decided to  become a woman.

Comedian Russell Brand has courageously come out in support of transgender rights.

However, some men who have become women have regretted the decision. They have since gone back to being men. (How often can one change sexes? Every year? Month?)

Of course, supporting transgender rights is so last year. The REAL Social Justice Warriors are supporting trans-speciesism.  The technical name for this condition is "otherkin".  This is the condition in which a person is really another animal - but trapped in a human body. Many ignorant people do not realize "species" is a social construct. After all, both humans and dogs bleed red. In the logic of Social Justice Warriors, this is proof that there really is no difference between dog and man. We believe in equality among all species.

A viewer sent me this South Park link:


  1. Okay, I give him a little room for going through some middle age crazy moments.
    However, he should forget this transgender kick because he is one ugly but female.

  2. I thought the magazines were lying when I read that. I thought he just looked like himself with long hair, and that they photo shopped in lip stick.