Saturday, February 28, 2015

Girl Raises Suicide (and Red Pill) Awareness

I have been invited to speak at this year's American Renascence. The topic I chose was the Red Pill.

The Red Pill is just a metaphor for seeing things how they actually are, not how we have been programmed to see them. Being stripped  of the programming (taking the Red Pill) can be quite the traumatic event.

The story below can act as a glitch in the matrix for Blue Pill guys. After all, we have been taught since birth that men are naturally wicked and evil and girls are pure and innocent. How often have we heard that there would be no more wars if women ran things?

Of course, "The Red Pill" involves more than just sexual relations. It involves seeing race, sex, equality, religion, democracy, etc. in a manner that aligns with reality.


  1. Correct. Red Pill is not just about sex. Red Pill opens your eyes and changes your perspective on everything.

    In some ways younger men have it easier today, with the rise of the PUA, Game, Manosphere, and Red Pill communities. Of course, the Internet has facilitated this sharing of information. Some of us (Gen X) had to figure things out for ourselves, back in the day.