Saturday, February 7, 2015

Obama Lectures Christians at Prayer Breakfast

Obama lectured Christians concerning ISIS at the National Prayer breakfast. Basically the idea was one of moral equivalence - how dare Christians criticize Muslims when Christians were responsible for the Crusades and the Inquisition?

For some curious reason, Obama never lectures other religions. For example, could you imagine Obama telling Jews they have no right to bitch about the Holocaust when their brethren murdered 7-10 million White Christians during the Holodomor?

Lazar Kaganovich, Architect of the  Holodomor.

Well, I have recently confirmed with my genetic test that I am 0.1% Jewish on my mother's side (see results below). As such, I have embraced my Jewish heritage. And as a Jew, I want to apologize to all White Christians for the Holodomor.

The genetics of RAMZPAUL


  1. Great blog entry and video, Ramzpaul. Here is my Pinterest page on the Holodomor (that includes this blog entry):

  2. Just whose bright idea was it anyway to elect a semi-retarded affirmative action mulatto President of the US TWICE?!?!?! America has known better days than these.

  3. Google Abe Foxman Holodomor and watch the first youtube video that comes up...