Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Did Dracula Love Jesus?

The Washington Post asks why there are so many empty churches. It is interesting because as Christianity becomes more "tolerant" it ceases to have meaning for many people. And, meanwhile, "intolerant" religions such as Islam are growing in the West.

Christianity was not always a weak religion. Back in the day, the people would ruthlessly fight to defend Christendom. Vlad the Impaler (who we know as Dracula) was such a man. In Romania he is still considered to be a national hero for his fight against the Turk invaders.

(I am in Romania for awhile for some business deals. As such, my updates may be sporadic)



  1. I was making this very point to a Baptist Minister just a couple of days ago - that the modern Christian will tolerate anything except intolerance. It is human nature to respect strength and to despise weakness. If you believe in something - you must ultimately be prepared to fight for it.

  2. RamZPaul - Please while you are in Romania, ask about a NATIONAL HERO called Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Read up on him, he was a Romanian nationalist in the Interwar period who led the glorious Legion of the Archangel Michael.I think you'd really like this guy.

  3. Churches are emptying because modern Christianity doesn't speak to men. It speaks down to men. It preaches weakness. People may not know why they don't like something, but they know enough to stay away.