Monday, March 23, 2015

Police looking for topless girl!

A topless girl was spotted on a Florida beach during Spring Break. She was surrounded by White boys. Someone took her picture and put it on Twitter.

The Social Justice Warriors became hysterical and determined that she must be a victim of a White fraternity gang rape. After all, the vicious gang rape at the University of Virginia made us all more aware of the RAPE CULTURE. Well, that incident may have been a hoax. But that does not matter. What matters is that it COULD have been real. As such, the hoax provides proof the of the rape culture. So the hoax at the University of Virginia helped the SJWs concluded that this girl must also be a victim. Why else would a girl be topless on a beach?

So, unbelievably, a topless girl on a beach sparked a nation wide police manhunt. (Somehow, I can't imagine this happening in France.)

Yes, this is the bizzaro world that we live in. A fat lesbian marching down the street in a Slut Walk is EMPOWERING.  A cute girl topless on the beach must be a RAPE victim.

Victim of the RAPE CULTURE?

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    I think one way to deal with stuff like Jackie/UVA scandal is to do what the 'left' does.


    This story wasn't just about a rape. It was about a RACE RAPE. The author of the Rolling Stone article looked for an 'Aryan' college. Her message was racial. BLONDE WHITE MALE RAPE HELPLESS GIRL.

    The Dreyfus Affair was also ethnic. "Antisemitic French go after innocent JEW."

    Well, since Sabrina Rubin Erderly went ethnic, I think we should go ethnic on her.

    A JEWISH writer wrote his piece of libel.

    The problem with a lot of nasty and vicious Jewish journalists and pundits is they never get called out as JEWS even though they themselves never stop calling out others on their ethnicity.
    Jews scream MUSLIMS did this, WHITES did that, CHRISTIANS did whatever.

    But since no one calls out on Jewish bad behavior, Jewish writers and pundits carry on and on. They know that they might be criticized as individuals but never as Jews. So, all their nastiness never damages the reputation of their tribal community.

    Well, we need to GO ETHNIC too. We need to call out the Jewishness of the likes of Erdely and Stephen Glass. And all the punks on the NYT.

    That way, Jewish writers will be more careful since their bad behavior will reflect badly on the Jewish community, and the Jewish community will exert pressure on individual Jews to stop doing bad shit to make all Jews look bad.

    And why not go ethnic on individual Jews since Jews accuse entire ethnic/racial/regional/religious communities --- usually the whites, Deep South, Christian, Muslim --- for the bad behavior of their individual members? This UVA story was meant to attack all white males in the South, especially those with blonde hair. You see, because some white frat boys did it, it somehow reflected badly on ALL white males in the South.

    Of course, if we GO ETHNIC on Jews, they will scream 'antisemitic', but we need to counter that Jews always go ethnic themselves.

    Fight fire with fire.

    It's the only way to restrain Jewish obnoxiousness and arrogance that have gotten out of control.