Saturday, April 18, 2015

Amren 2015 - The Faces of Evil

I have had a great time at Amren 2015. The event sold out this year. Amren will soon need a bigger venue as people are packed in the auditorium.

The protesters have dwindled over the years. Most of the time it was these two guys lying in the grass together.

Commentary added by a viewer!

The Amren conference is more diverse than the protesters. This year we had an African-American woman attend the conference. And, yes, she watches my videos. There are also Hispanics, Jews and Indians that attend. It seems weird to attend a neo-nazi rally with Africans and Jews. But the Social Justice Warriors claim that Amren is such an organization.


  1. Best of luck. Looking forward to the speech.

  2. LOL @ RAMZPAUL chatting up some young chicks.

    Well done, ol' chum.