Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Riots

Not much to say about the Baltimore Riots. A city takes the characteristics of its people. A city composed of people of European ancestry will be quite different than a city that is composed of Africans. This holds true around the globe.

Of course, there are good people of all races. The problem is that the percentage of "bad apples" is not the same across racial groups. Trying to force Africans to abide by European standards is just not feasible. As with other animals, we evolved in different parts of the world which led to genetic differences. These genetic difference influence behavior. As such, genetic differences cannot be fixed via more education, welfare programs or midnight basketball.

The riots ended only when the State police and the National Guard (mostly of European ancestry) restored order. As the percentage of people of European ancestry decreases in the USA, we can expect to see more breakdowns in civilization.

We have seen this in other nations. Rhodesia was once a prosperous country (despite international sanctions,) Modern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) has returned to the jungle. South Africa is also quickly deteriorating.

The people make the nation. The nation does not make the people.


  1. Ramzpaul, I dig the hat. What other games do you play? Lets play team fortress sometime.

  2. @ 3:15 it looks like you're being watched

  3. I am in a quandry over the huge earthquake in Nepal and the recent multicultural vibrancy in Baltimore taking place in the same time frame. How should I spend my emergency aid donation$? Should I send it to the people 7,000 miles away on the other side of the world? A people I really don't have any idea about their culture or history? Or do I send it to the sources of our strength in vibrancy blessed Baltimore? Should my funds be sent to help ease the trauma of the 16 yo yout who was beat up on national and international tv for not bringing home any loot worth mentioning like wide screen tv's, Air Jordan sports shoes or even toilet tissue and drugs looted from the local CVS Pharmacy? Choices, choices, choices! What is a SJW to do?!?

  4. Nice cap, you got steam? You more than welcome in the ancap nazi chat group ;)

  5. I love that cap whith the lambda in it. Is it a reminder of the Spartans?

    Immigrants from all over the world flood into Europe and they build ghettos, without integrating into Western society and without renouncing their culture in order to adopt Western culture. They reject Western society but they want to live in Western countries. "Progressives" tell us that they are here to enrich us and to rejuvenate us because "we don't want to have children and they do the jobs that we don't want to make, plus they are going to pay our pensions".

    But I have seen a rise in crime in social division and in social conflicts. Nations are created because people with the same genetics and culture want to create a safe espace for their own. If you don't agree with that people's values, you don't belong to that society. Simple as that.

    As you say, we need nationalism. If the Africans want to live in an African society, they have Africa and Southern USA. We, whites, have Europe and other countries in other continents. If they hate us so much, they should not come to our countries. They have a whole "rich" and "diverse" world with people like them to live in, so they don't have to suffer a white person.

  6. Don't call them thugs though.....

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