Saturday, April 4, 2015

Discussion of immigration now illegal in Sweden

Yeah, it looks like it is now illegal to object to your genocide in Sweden. Objecting to genocide is considered to be "hate". Well, only for people of European descent.

As weak as the Swedes have become, I suspect that one day all native Swedes will be ordered to report to death camps. I am sure the Swedes will happily comply while proactively apologizing profusely for any mess their corpses might make.

I like many Swedes. But if they are this weak, maybe it is best that they are culled from the race. It would be dangerous to see that genetic trait passed on. It is unbelievable that these people were descended from the Vikings.

I am having a good time in Bucharest. I don't have time for many tourist type of activities. But I enjoy walking around the streets.


  1. Interesting personal insights, Ramz. Thanks.

  2. Is it even possible for an entire nation to go insane? Evidently, YES! Poor Sweden too bad.

  3. Maybe the 'on edge' factor is just a hold over from the days of living under the terror rule of Nicolae Ceausescu?

  4. Were you catcalled in romania?

  5. My wife was telling me the last time she was back in Thailand, there were a lot of Swedes there. Not as tourists but as expats. The motivation factor for the move for many of them is to get away from the (Muslim) violence and the oppressive government.