Monday, April 13, 2015

"May I Kiss You" Marine Training Session

The Social Justice Warriors are busy training Marines how to kiss. I can't imagine this "facilitator" has ever kissed a girl. But what the hell, his theory is interesting. Because kissing a girl without prior written consent is.... RAPE!


  1. I briefly knew a group of SJWs before I got wise to feminism and all the rest of it, and I got in trouble for assuming that asking a girl out to coffee / lunch / dinner would be considered 'a date', you'd actually have to say the word 'date' for the meeting to be considered one. It even got them quite riled up. This is in Australia too, these people infect the whole Anglosphere it seems.

  2. Could stomach less than 40s of that Marine training vid. Hope your guys never have to go up against Putin's guys.

  3. Actually, the only kind of men who tend to go by 'body language' and make aggressive moves on women tend to be black males. Black men are naturally more aggressive and transgressive. For example, they often put their hands on the shoulders of white women without asking. They tend to act sexually aggressive.

    And people want to do something about this because bad black male behavior is the #1 problem in America. But to point out black males as the main culprits would be 'racist', so we pretend that the problem is prevalent among ALL males.

    It's like... airports inspect EVERYONE -- even old white ladies -- because it would be 'racist' or 'Islamophobic' to single out Muslims even though most modern terrorists in the West are Muslim.

    So, white guys get blamed for black male transgressions, and old white ladies must be body-inspected for Muslim violence. That is how political correctness works.
    Whites must bear the cross for the things done by all other races.

    And all whites, even poor whites, must bear the cross of 'white privilege' even though the bulk of so-called 'white privilege' is owned by Jews. So, even as Jews steal billions from Wall Street, we have to lecture to Scotch-Irish hillbillies in the South for their 'white privilege'.

  4. For a white man to join the U.S. military, particularly the infantry, is an act of insanity and treason. He's fighting for an organization controlled by forces that want to see his people exterminated. He goes overseas to fight useless wars to "defend America" while his bosses sponsor a wholesale invasion back home. He comes home to find that he has no country anymore, comes home to being spit on and discriminated against endlessly because of his race. Only a fool would fight for this.