Thursday, April 23, 2015

Skinny Love

One of the reasons I like to attend Amren is to meet people that watch my videos. One of these people is Maria who attended with her boyfriend Tony. As they are both gamers, they had me autograph a couple of Magic cards.

Tony and Maria are the type of people you will meet at an Amren conference. Just normal people who are not ashamed of their race. I personally have never met a "Neo Nazi" or a "skinhead" at one these conferences. However, I have met Asians, an African-American, Hispanics, Jews and a homosexual. The the whole meme that Amren is "White Supremacist" is just retarded.  Amren is just a conservative on-line magazine that has conventions. It is public and anyone is invited to attend if you pay your fee and follow the dress code. There is no ideological or racial test required to attend the conference.

That is why is is hilarious that the SPLC sends a "spy" to these conventions. Who the fuck sends a "spy" to a public event that publishes all the speeches on YouTube? It would be like sending a "spy" to a Denver Broncos game. Full Retard.

Anyway, I told Maria that I would promote her vids if she desired. She agreed so I picked a vid I liked. She is a musician and I think she is quite talented. She deserves more than 900 views for a two year old  video.


  1. I have met Asians, an African-American, Hispanics, Jews and a homosexual

    You say this as if it's a good thing!

    Even AmRen, it seems, is lowering its standards and succumbing to the MultiKult infection.

  2. Amren is not a political organization. It is an event that is open to the public. As such, they don't exclude anyone.

    There are pretty much what would have been considered to be a mainstream conservative magazine 20 years ago. But the culture as moved so far to the Left, if you are not anti-White you are considered to be a "Nazi". Amren is pro all races - including Whites.