Thursday, April 2, 2015

Student faces 11 years in jail for hate crime against statue

A White student a the University of Mississippi faces 11 years in prison for placing a rope on a statue. The statue was not harmed. It was a prank. But because he is White the Attorney General and the FBI investigated this case. Meanwhile Africans are slaughtering Europeans on a daily basis and the government does not give a damn. In the SJW world, a White offending an African is a much more serious crime than an African murdering a White. I am quite serious.

In New Orleans a White father of three who was delivering food for a living was murdered by one of Obama's sons. Don't expect Obama or the attorney general to mention this case. All of their outrage concerns a rope on a statue.

In Eastern Europe they pulled down and smashed all of the statues of Communist scum. I pray for that day in America.

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  1. Well, it is time to face reality. The US has been trying for a least a century to make racial integration work but it has failed in the US big time. Time to start worrying about our own internal problems particularly the racial issue and stop trying to fix other countries so they can fit our idea of what they should be like.