Tuesday, May 5, 2015

12 Angry Men (People) - 2015 Version

I was on a jury for the past couple of days. The process was quite interesting. The trial involved a civil case in which a young hipster type guy (the defendant) rear ended the car of a 40 something woman (the plaintiff). The accident did not even dent the bumper, but she was suing for thousands of dollars for pain and suffering, etc.

What was interesting is the most of the female  jurors were initially sympathetic to the plaintiff. And the men were more interested in the evidence and the rule of law.

A middle aged red headed lady seemed to be the vocal leader of the pro-plaintiff faction. I ended up being the de facto leader of the pro-defendant faction. Most of the other women seemed to be on the fence trying to determine the winning side. A pretty young girl on the pro-plaintiff side eventually broke ranks and joined our faction. Immediately, all the other women (except the red headed woman) joined our faction. The women who were sympathetic about the plaintiff were now joking about her bad hair.


  1. I've never been picked for jury duty. Maybe it's because, when questioned during the jury selection process, I always reply: "Well, I figure he must be guilty of SOMETHING if he's here anyway."

    Works every time.