Saturday, May 9, 2015

Amren 2015 - The Shy Nationalist

The 2015 Amren RAMZPAUL speech is now loaded. I encourage everyone to watch the speeches from this event.

I really love making videos and giving speeches. The adrenaline gets flowing and it is a "high" that I get from a performance. And I especially love meeting people that watch my videos. I am very grateful for all of your support.

However, I am actually quite introverted and shy by nature. I know this much seem like a paradox - I love public speaking but I am an introvert. But I have discovered over the years that many famous actors are also quite shy in person.

Susan Cain gave an interesting TED talk that explains introversion.

Below are a couple of clips in which Johnny Depp speaks about the subject.



    would make a great video

  2. MWSNPD men-women-straight-normal-proper-decent against LGBT

  3. Maybe you're an ambivert? You seem at ease in social settings, even though you probably prefer being by yourself with a book.