Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bahar Mustafa - A Love Video from a non-binary man

Bahar Mustafa (I LOVED THE LION KING!) is a diversity officer at Goldsmith's university. Bahar made the news because she excluded White people and Binary people from the diversity club. Because only White people can be racist!

I agree with Bahar. FUCK YOU BINARY PEOPLE! ONLY OCTAL people are allowed in our club! (RAMZPAUL running his programming geek game).

I guess Bahar is a BME woman. What the fuck is a BME? She sure the fuck does not look black. So the "B" must be for "butterface" woman. Which, based on this photo, yeah.

Here is Bahar fighting White Privilege and the Patriarchy! The dyed blonde hair and showing some leg is a nice touch.

Why is the black girl having to hold the microphone for the white lady????? Bahar is assuming the role of the master and the black girl is her slave.

WTF? Bahar has red hair in this video. IS SHE FUCKING WHITE? Same old story. Da White woman keeping the people of color down. #BAHARISWHITE

Hmmmm... why do Leftists always disable comments and ratings on their vids?


  1. Love the programming jokes

  2. Bahar must think she's a binary star.


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