Saturday, May 30, 2015

British Busybodies Ban ‘Beach Body’ Billboard

Protein World "triggered" feminists in the United Kingdom. Now they have launched their American ad blitz.(btw - could "blitz" be a triggering word to Jews? It comes from the Nazi warfare strategy called "blitzkrieg")

Not too many years ago no one would have thought anything about these ads. The use of beautiful models increases both men and, yes, female viewers.

But feminists are now "triggered" about the idea that some females are more attractive than others. You know, equality demands that a 400 pound 60 year old woman is just as attractive as an thin 20 year old. And the only reason we think otherwise is due to "social constructs". Yeah.....

What is interesting, is unlike other companies, Protein World has not groveled and begged for forgiveness to the feminist witch hunters. Quiet the contrary, they are openly mocking them.

I am sure the Social Justice Warriors are working overtime figuring out how to nip this in the bud. An open rebellion might encourage others to stray off the plantation.


  1. Brilliant blog. Burping be badass.

  2. Protein World are just as guilty as the feminists, as if their products have anything to do with how their advertising models physical appearance is.

    bullshit fighting bullshit

  3. Loads of respect for Protein World.

  4. Yeah, I always smelled liberals behind the anti-fat-shaming. Which is odd, because they claim that they're not science-deniers. Study after study has shown that thin people live longer than fat people. And that thinner people- say, a model who is 5'8 and weighs 112 or so-- live longer than someone they claim is "healthy" at 5'5 and 140. And there's a clear biological reason why one of them makes us horny and the other one doesn't.

    Something like 500 people die each year, world-wide, of anorexia. The number who die of the opposite problem is in the millions, or more. But since Heidi Beirich (aka "Jabba the Nut") is a tubby, as are most of the classic feminazis, they spend a disproportional amount of time railing against the virtually non-existent "anorexia" and essentially none against the clearly prevalent problem of gluttony.