Monday, May 11, 2015

Dickonomics (response)

Some Tinder slut (her term, not mine) wrote an article complaining about dicks. Her catch phrase was "Dick is abundant and low value". She seemed surprised that this created a backlash. (The Internet is a cruel place for sensitive people.)

Alana seems confused about the nature of men and women. What she has "discovered" has been known by mankind for thousands of years. There is a reason women can sell their bodies to men and not the other way around. This reason is based in biology. Sexual differences have dictated that women, in general, are the choosier sex. The reason that Alana finds that dick is abundant is that most women are not up for random sex on Tinder. But most men are fine with it. This creates a supply and demand imbalance.

Of course, feminism teaches that men and women are exactly the same except for our sexual plumbing. People learn the hard way that nothing could be farther from the truth.

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  1. Anagram!

    "Dick is abundant and low value."
    = Dank cunt is now available, düd.

  2. I grew up in an anti-racist and feminist world. I can't remember the "except for our sexual plumbing" part in the teachings. Maybe I missed school that day.
    It was bad for my sexlife, this lack of knowledge. 1234ing feminism.

  3. Rainer, what world are you from?