Monday, May 18, 2015

How can biker gangs become more inclusive?

The biker gang shootout in Waco, Texas illustrates a major problem. No, not violence. Something more serious.Diversity. There is a shocking lack of diversity in biker gangs. Where are the women gang members? Where are the transgender bikers? Why no gender fluid people? This looks like a bunch of cis White men with guns.

White Men Breaking Bad

What is interesting is how this biker look (which was originated in 1950s America) has gone worldwide.

The traditional biker look dates from a movie in 1953 - The Wild Ones. Now 60 years later, Russians are dressing like 1950s American bikers.

These are more likely to be real Cossacks.

But why the lack of women in these gangs? Anyone that watches Hollywood learns that the smallest woman could kick these guys' ass. Could it be the engine noise triggers them?


  1. Steve Sailer analyzed the mugshots of the bikers arrested in Waco and found 37 White, 14 mestizo, and "one or maybe two black" bikers.

  2. No,no Ramzpaul; Snow Bunnies will trigger the youths.