Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lord Ramsay Triggers Tears and Tingles

The US Senator from Missouri, Clair McCaskill, was "triggered" by the TV series Game of Thrones. Ramsay Bolton, a fictional character on the show, raped his new wife.  I am not exactly sure how this was rape, as the fictional wife agreed to the marriage. Yes means Yes!

Ramsay is a psychopathic character that previously castrated a man and sent his penis to the man's father. Curiously, this fictional act of sexual violence did not "trigger" the honorable senator.

A White Bad Boy

Daenerys Targaryen, a blonde Social Justice Warrior type of character, was also raped by her husband, Drago. However, Drago was a Genghis Khan clone. And rape by non-Whites does not seem to "trigger" modern feminists.

However, Ramsay is quite White, so this triggered the dear senator. White men that act badly scare feminists.

A vibrant rape

What is interesting is that these psycho characters tend to attract much desire from girls.


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  1. I have not watched this show but I've heard a lot about it from people who do, and I'm pretty sure that there has been much more actually offensive things done on this show than this, so it's silly for her to say that this was an unforgiveable low point in the show for her.
    And I don't understand how it was depicting a "rape", did she expect the marriage to be unconsummated? I watched a clip and in what I saw she is not resisting or saying "no"; and it said the character was a virgin who married an evil man, did Claire think the evil character was going to treat the female character tenderly? And any sounds she's making like she's in pain would probably be because she was a virgin and not necessarily because she's being raped. Sex in marriage, (marriage between adults, not the Muslim perversion) is not rape...IRL or in fiction. And yes, repeal the 19th amendment and all VAWA type laws.
    There aren't any real Statesmen anymore, BHO has destroyed any "respect for the office" feelings one might I would agree that it's totally dumb for her, as a Senator, to be offended and publically comment on a TV show, but that kind of thing as unfortunately become commonplace.
    On the bright side, you'll never run out of topics for videos :-)