Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NASA Replacing American Flag

NASA is replacing the American flag on future spaces missions. But since NASA has embraced diversity, America is no longer capable of space travel. So all the talk of new space flags and female youth astronauts is just a form of role playing,

The old NASA that could get to the Moon looked like this:

The new role playing NASA looks like this:


  1. If American taxpayers are still footing the bill for these adventures then why remove their flag?

  2. Interesting. I thought they already sent a monkey into space…?!

    This is unsustainable. I’m short Diversity, Inc.

  3. My only comfort in all this is that Nature does not make mistakes and that maybe there is a reason behind all this. Brainpower combined with high testosterone levels has lead to the deaths of countless millions of white European males in world wars and countless civil wars.
    War, unlike disease, kills selectively - the good and the brave are often the first to die. Maybe we should be more dispassionate and selective in dealing with our enemies.

  4. This article, for some reason, reminds me of The Muppet Show's 'Pigs In Space' series with that unmistakable voice over and Star Trek style sound effects. I really believe its The Packed Faced Left In Space. There is nowhere these cretins won't dare to tread.

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