Saturday, May 23, 2015

Social Justice Warriors Kill World Of Warcraft

After 10 years I have unsubscribed from World of Warcraft. I won't explain the game play reasons, but the basic issue is that the new developers suck. My guess is that now Blizzard values "diversity" over competent game designers. And, yes, hiring the best qualified person is now considered to be a "micro aggression".

The creep of Social Justice Warriors into game design can be seen in the upcoming Blizzard game Overwatch. The usual suspects demanded that Blizzard remove attractive girls from the game.

Blizzard caved in and introduced a muscular bull dyke with pink hair.

Old School Video Game Girl 

Feminist Approved

As Blizzard embraces Cultural Marxism the company continues to lose subscribers:


  1. i clicked on the techtimes link and had 20 adverts and popups spammed all over my screen .

  2. I can only recommend Guild Wars 2.
    (I made this video 10 months ago: )

    they still value beauty on player characters and game world...

    and it's a lot more fun. you can just run around, explore, do whatever you want and still 'improve'.

    the biggest reason GW2 is better is, because they do not charge monthly. so they do not artificially bind or drag someone along.
    they instead constantly expand the world.

    the game has no 'quests'. it's all organic challenges and objectives.

    e.g. NPCs wander around often and do things. if you help and he can finish his work, you get a reward.
    you don't need to be grouped. all players can help any other player without the possibility of sabotaging anyone.
    any class can resurrect. without cooldown. 20 times in a row, if needed.

    the game rewards not being a bitch.

    best part for me is the jumping puzzles: lengthy, hard movement related challenges (usually jumping^^).

    the longest can take 1h or 2h. really inventive and fun.

    PvP also works in the game.

    I'd love to show you around.

  3. I had made the video to convince a friend who played WoW to play GW2. worked.

    it's a GW2 intro for people who play WoW. so it'd be perfect for you to watch. also 1080pHD

  4. just read WoW has had "jumping puzzles" for a while... every GW2 class is designed for a game with jumping puzzles.

    the whole game and the game engine is designed to support the 45(!) excellent and truly unique GW2 jumping puzzles.

    btw: my twitter is @AskiTan

  5. I'd like to know your take on this:

    1. I don't know what RamZ's take is, but my take is that Gabriel Diaz wants attention.

  6. I'm sure Blizzard will find they've made a wise business decision, once their entire consumerbase has been alienated and the radicals move on to some other territory they're not welcome in.