Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alice in Progressive Wonderland

Just a story about a girl named Alice. Her father was a gay sperm donor. Her mother was a lesbian who married another woman. When she was three her mother went insane and was put in a mental institution. Her mother's lesbian lover got custody of Alice.

The lesbian lover divorced her mom and married another woman. This woman then became a man and called herself "daddy" to Alice.  The woman who pretended to be a man then had an affair with another man. And this woman/man wants partial custody of Alice. Because she has explained to little Alice that she is also probably a boy trapped in the body of a girl.

Social Justice Warriors see nothing wrong with this scenario.


I killed that damn spider. Found him in my bathroom.


  1. I doubt there will be any great cleansing without some sort of severe event coming first: Major war, economic collapse, etc.

    Bullshit that Paul illustrated is only possible in a prosperous society. People will be a lot less tolerant when the majority of the population can barely find enough food to eat.

  2. @ 4:31 there's a spider on the wall and it looks like he/she is creeping up on you. And by he/she I mean he OR she, not he and/or she ;)

  3. "I killed that damn spider."

    The guy in the unmarked SPLC van parked outside your house just got his ears blasted with painful electronic feedback when you "killed" that mobile surveillance spyder...

  4. Hey, what is your problem man? Don't like BLACK spiders? Vile racist!

  5. Hey, I like spiders! In fact, I identify as a spider. I don't believe in binary species roles. I am a spider who is trapped in a man's body.

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    2. Haha! You just made my day!