Monday, June 1, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner - Wins Courage Award

Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic Athlete, has decided to dress in drag and pretend to be a girl. For the courageous accomplishment is he receiving Arthur Ashe award for courage. But I am not sure how it is that courageous as all of the mainstream media is fawning over him.


  1. Ew. Nice bulge, Caitlyn. You and Lady GaGa will make great friends.

    What a fucking lunatic.

  2. I’ll never forget, as a little boy in the late ’70s, eating a bowl of Wheaties and looking at Bruce Jenner’s face on the cereal box, full of admiration for his athletic success.

    Now I just wish his face would appear on the side of a milk carton.

  3. ESPN awarded Caitlyn(LOL) with the Courage prize or something.

    I don’t know how far Caitlyn(LOL) went with his reconstruction. I take it that he, she, or it will eventually go all the way and change everything.

    I must say it takes real courage, indeed real balls, for a guy to give up his balls.
    But does it makes sense to have the balls to end up with no balls?