Monday, June 22, 2015

Is NBC responsible for the South Carolina Shootings?

In Dylann Roof's manifesto (you can find in my previous post) Dylann mentioned that the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) helped him understand the epidemic of Black on White violent crime.

The national media typically ignores Black on White violent crime. Local news will cover such crime, but the reporters are instructed (based on AP style guidelines) to not mention the race if the killer is Black. Typically the media now uses code words such as "teen" or "youth" no matter if the killer is 45 years old.

The CofCC links to such news stories to give national exposure to crimes that are otherwise hushed up. The CofCC does not write the stories. They just report the facts and the truth.

Yet, somehow, the Leftists insist that CofCC is responsible for the shooting for just linking to true stories.

Yet these same people ignore that fact that Roof himself stated that it was the Trayvon Martin case that was his primary motivation for his shooting. If you remember, the media hyped the false narrative that Trayvon was a little, innocent black boy who was randomly gunned down by a "white supremacist". NBC led this false narrative by deceptively editing the Zimmerman 911 calls. This hoax created by NBC inflamed racial tensions which would eventual trigger a set of circumstances that led Dylann to shoot up a black church.

NBC lied and people died.



    Goodbye Europe.

    It's interesting.

    One of the great narratives of the West is the evil of the slave trade.

    Yet, we don't see a single black descendant of the slave trade trying to return to Africa.

    Instead, we see Africans whose ancestors were not sold as slaves(and, if anything, whose ancestors captured and sold slaves to whites and Arabs) risking their lives in rickety boats to go to Europe/West to live amongst white people.

    It's as if the greater injustice had been perpetrated on blacks who were not captured and sold into slavery to the West. And those blacks now use unsafe ships to come to the West and to live under white governance.

    By the way, many people seem to overlook the sexual dimension to this.

    Just about 99% of the men in the photos are MEN.

    Why is this? Isn't Africa filled with poor women as well as poor men?

    So, why are all the refugees men and not women?

    Could there be a Joe Buck factor(Midnight Cowboy)? Or Joe Black?

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    1. Right now, things don't look good, but History is an open process, and Kalki may be just around the corner, riding a white horse. Let's hope so.

  2. Where were all these soul-searching newspaper articles when a racist black, Omar Thornton, shot and killed eight innocent Whites? The Hartford Distributer's Shooting has far different news coverage than this, why?

  3. Where were all these soul-searching newspaper articles when a racist black, Omar Thornton, shot and killed eight innocent Whites? The Hartford Distributer's Shooting has far different news coverage than this, why?

  4. People are ignoring the class aspect of the Confederate Flag controversy.

    It's not just about race.

    Rich affluent whites(especially Libs and Jews) have the means to move to and live in safe neighborhoods. They don't have to worry about black thuggery and crime. So, perched up on high, they turn up their noses at poor whites who cling to guns and the Confed flag.
    But these same white and Jewish Liberals have nothing against the Zionist flag even though Israel was created by ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

    The fact is poor whites are victims of black thuggery since blacks are naturally tougher and more aggressive. Blacks in school and street beat up whites. But affluent Jews and white Libs can overlook this problem since they live in nice safe areas with lots of police protection. You don't see them moving next door to blacks in Detroit or Baltimore.

    True, there is a history of racial discrimination against blacks by law.
    But since the end of segregation, the real problem has been black on white violence due to the fact that blacks are more muscular and more aggressive than whites. And poor whites don't have the means to move away from black areas. Also, rich urban whites and Jews and homos use Section 8 housing policy to drive out urban blacks to working class white areas, and as a result, poorer whites come under attack from blacks.

    But the media--owned and run by Liberal Jews--overlook all of this.

    The Confederate Flag has come to change in its meaning. It now stands for white working class solidarity against black thuggery and crime.

    It is a fact that blue Liberal cities are MORE SEGREGATED than the south>

    This video is typical.

    It shows a tougher black guy threatening and intimidating a white man. Blacks act like this in school, buses, public areas, and etc.
    Most racial crime is black on white, black on asian, black on hispanic, and etc.

    Why? Blacks are more muscular and more aggressive.

    How about a deal? We get rid of all Confed flags if every poor white is guaranteed safe residence and schooling away from dangerous black thugs--a privilege that affluent white and Jewish Liberals enjoy.

  5. And that is the reason why I do not listen to big corporate media. The best way to be informed nowadays is via internet. The mass media are a bunch of big liars.

  6. Thats pretty fuckin brilliant Ramzpaul. Would like to hear your thoughts on the Bob Barry Jr. murder and the enrichment of open borders thanks again