Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mattress Girl Makes An Art Video

Emma Sulkowicz was a student at Columbia University who claimed she was raped. The police investigated and did not press charges. Even the Soviet style kangaroo courts of the university could not bring themselves to expel the man accused. (In the modern university, men are considered guilty until proven innocent).

To protest this outrage Emma decided to haul her mattress around college. This was the mattress that she had anal sex on. This mattress became a rallying symbol for feminists across the nation.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand invited Emma to attend the State of the Union address. This was to raise awareness of the "rape culture" in America.

The only problem is that this was not really a rape. Emma consented to sex. And the days after the "rape" she texted  her rapist that she loved him and missed him. After he ignored her, she decided that she was rape.

Emma decided the next step was to create an "art" video to re-enact what happened that fateful night. So Emma took a video of her being fucked up the ass by some guy as part of a feminist awareness campaign.

Years ago such a woman would be put into a mental hospital. Now she is invited to Congress.

Below is a link to the video (NSFW):


  1. Her video would have been better if Bruce Jenner boned her wearing a strapon.

  2. I love this

    1. Maybe I should add that it is not safe for work

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