Monday, June 8, 2015

McKinney Pool Party!

Another racial incident involving the police was in the news. It seems that some "teens" crashed a pool part and violence erupted (who could of guessed?). The police were called and a White police officer was seen tackling a bikini wearing youth. This caused the usual OUTRAGE from the usual suspects.

But some of the neighbors have claimed that the party was not peaceful and the police were required to restore order.


  1. More youfs doin' nuffin' wrong:

  2. I wonder how ramz would do a video on how Major sites like Yahoo "report" stories from an extremist Liberal (fake liberal) angle; yet, the comments section is overwhelmingly Conservative (simply in touch with reality).

    How far out of touch with it's readers/users can an organization get before it folds?
    In a world dominated by monopoly money, it appears it really doesn't matter what the people really think.

  3. You should have done it in blackface, you coward.

  4. When the police are called what do you expect to show up Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood fame? Getting a call to contain 130 wilding youts who crashed a small pool party is not a task for the timid and meek!