Saturday, June 27, 2015

Obama: Americans need to shift religious views

Obama made a statement (i.e., threat) that "Americans need to shift their religious views" and accept homosexual "marriage".

The idea that an American President would make any such religious threats is mind boggling. Because the unasked question is  - what happens if Americans choose not to change their religious views? Based on the experience of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries under Communism, we know the answer to that question. The answer is brutal and bloody.

The United States no longer exists. Yes, the name is still the same. And the same flag flies. But the principles that founded this nation are long gone.

Our goal, and hope, is establishing a new country for our people. The United States cannot be reformed. It is dead and gone.


  1. Be safe out there, kids. All communications via TOR onion router - and all sensitive files kept in TRUE CRYT.

  2. 'Marriage equality' should really be called MARRIAGE INFLATION.

    It is like Grade Inflation. Making an F equal to an A.

    Amnesty is Citizenship Inflation by making illegals the equal of citizens. Dems now want to give illegals the vote. This is what happens to meanings and laws under the power of globalist elites.

    In finance, we QE or Quantitative Easing.

    Wall Street and Walmart(big pusher of 'gay marriage')are also for 'same sex marriage', a trashy value-free Hollywood idea.

    'Gay mariage' is Qualitative Easing so that even deviant 'sexual' behavior is inflated to the same level/value as real sexuality(in tune with nature and moral sense).

  3. One difference.

    Most Hungarians didn't like the Soviets and communism because it was forced on them hard.

    But the homos are much adored by Americans. Just like the Jews are. Jews and homos didn't conquer with tanks.

    They conquered with ideas, images, entertainment, money, finance, academia, law, decadence, hedonism, guilt-tripping others.

    And they pose as 'victims' even when they have all the power.

    Homo marriage is supported by 80% of millenies and 65% of Americans.

    Capitalist-consumerism make people that stupid.

  4. Never understood why 'marriage equality' applies to homosexuals and trans-gender people but not to incestuous people and polygamists. Why isn't same family marriage allowed?

    I guess it's less about equality and more about privilege and power. Homosexuals have the backing of Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Ivy League elite schools, top law firms, and etc.

    Polygamists and incestuous-sexuals have no such support.

    Then, this is more about 'marriage privilege' than 'marriage equality'. If marriage should be whatever individuals say it is, then, why aren't polygamists and incestuous-sexuals allowed to redefine marriage? Why do only homosexuals and trans-gender people get the privilege?

    In the end, it's about power and privilege, not about equality.

    It is like the US backs Israelis over Palestinians. Why? Where's the equality? It's because Jewish-Americans are a hell of lot richer and more powerful than Palestinian-Americans.

    Same reason US is okay with Israel having 200 nuclear weapons but won't allow any to Iran. And never mind that US has illegally invaded Iraq and destroyed Libya. If you have the power, you can do anything.

    That's just how the world works.

    The West is now degenerate, decadent, crass, materialistic, and sick.
    Not worth emulating in anything but science, technology, and medicine.

    Seriously, is Barney Frank's anus really the sexual equal of a woman's vagina that produces life? If a fake penis of a trans-gender person the equal of a real penis of a man?
    Is fecal-anal-penetrative 'sex' among men really of equal biological and moral value as real sex between men and women?

    How about we say fool's gold is just as good as real gold in the name of Metal Equality?

    Claiming that unequal things are equal is an evil. It's like saying 2 + 2 = 5 is equally valid as 2 + 2 = 4 in the name of Math Equality.

  5. "Gay marriage" is equal to real marriage, but 'hate speech' is not equal to free speech.

    'Hate speech' is whatever speech Jews and homos hate.

    And they sure hate the truth.

    We are SLAVES of the Jewish Empire. We need a SLAVE REBELLION to overthrow the MASTERS. First, we need to awaken.

  6. It never amazes me how far The Packed Faced Left have resorted in destroying (or setting in motion) the destruction of) western (white) civilisation. It is now to far advanced for any possibility of it being salvaged, certainly America. The only real hope that we now have is to create our very own country or homeland which can break away from this madness. It could happen with enough will power and enough right and willing people on board. So what are we waiting for? Coming? Well hurry up, jump on now or you will miss the boat.

  7. "Wants some of you dumb shits to think America still exists"

    The real villains in all this are conservatives and Republicans. The Republican/Conservative leadership are just crooks whose actual gig in the system is keeping whites quiet while they're being exterminated (they're the orchestra on the Auschwitz train platform). That's what they're paid for. But at least genocide profiteering has some sort of logical benefits, it's the rank and file conservatives who're truly loony. They remind me of that mad colonel in "The Bridge on the River Kwai", always doing everything they can to help their murderers. If a Republican is elected President we'll have a war, and these white idiots will line up to die for a system that hates them. Madness.

  8. What is really tragic is Obama's creepy ass would be reelected again by a wide margin if it were not constitutionally prohibited to serve more that two terms.

  9. Decent folks need to come up with a new cultural definition and practice of marriage.

    I say marriage should be rejected altogether, at least morally and culturally. Its meaning has been desecrated and defiled. I say let 'marriage' mean 'gay marriage'.
    Let the homos have it. If a filthy man puts his hand all over your donut, just let him have it.

    The meaning of marriage now should be: An institution that once used to unite man and woman in matrimony now degraded into celebration of filth by the decadent West dominated by Jews and their main allies, the homos.

    Marriage has been corrupted and defiled. It is worthless.

    For decent folks, it still has legal force, but it should have zero cultural meaning.

    So, what are decent folks to do?

    Come up with a CULTURAL terminology and definition of the true bio-moral union of man and woman.

    Suppose we call this 'Concordia'. Concordia will be culturally and morally defined by decent folks as bio-moral union of a real man and a real woman. (No trannies allowed).) Since it will be unambiguously defined this way, it can never be corrupted by homos and their backers.

    As for the ceremony of Concordia, suppose we name it 'symphonia'. Symphonia can only bless the union of man and woman in Concordia since it will be strictly defined as a rite in the service of Concordia and only Concordia. So, even though bakers are forced to make 'gay wedding cakes', they cannot be forced to make 'gay symphonia cakes' since symphonia will culturally be defined as the bio-moral union of man and woman. Symphonia cakes and services can only serve those involved with symphonia. It's like a Rabbi cannot be forced to preside over a Christian celebration. Rabbi is, by definition, a man who serves Jewish matters. He is under no cultural or spiritual obligation to serve other religions.

    'Gay symphonia' would be like 'Nazi Jew' or 'Communist Objectivist'. Just can't happen.

    Now, Concordia and Symphonia, as cultural institutions, would have no legal binding. But that is the beauty of it. It cannot be messed with the supreme court or whatever since it is a cultural reality and cultural institution and cultural movement.
    And since they'd be specifically defined and designed to serve the union of man and woman, homos and trannies can never undermine it.

    It's like Christmas is a cultural tradition and reality that honors the birth of Jesus. Therefore, Buddhists cannot demand a Buddhist Christmas, demanding that Christmas celebrate Buddha as well as Jesus.

    Jews who didn't care for Christmas made a big thing of Hannukah.

    Blacks who didn't care for Christmas came up with Kwanzaa.

    Decent folks who no longer care for marriage(desecrated and defiled) and wedding(now celebrating fruity garbage) should come up with something like Concordia and Symphonia.


    1. Since the meaning of 'marriage' and 'wedding' has been defiled by PC, it is time for a cultural revival of the bio-moral union of man and woman.
      As far as we are concerned, 'marriage' now means this garbage called 'gay marriage', and 'wedding' now means the union of two homos who wanna indulge in fecal-hole-penetration.

      A cultural shift to 'Concordia' and 'symphonia' could lead to a whole new movement.

      Decent folks should go through the process of de-marriage and then go through the process of re-commitment through ritual of Symphonia that binds man and woman in Concordia. Lots of money to be made in industries catering to Concordia and symphonia, especially in the South and Christian belt.

      Legally, people would still have to go through marriage process, but it would be strictly legal and nothing else.
      True meaning will come from cultural ritual and practices, and Concordia will be defined in a way that it only applies to decent folks engaged in proper sexual mating.

      A third concept could be 'Fidelia' that honors only those who come into sexual union within the race. Those who choose Fidelia will NOT REJECT members of the same race. Interracism is, after all, is a 'racist' rejection of one's own race/people(as inferior) in favor of another race/people(as superior).

      Concordia, Symphonia, and Fidelia. Cultural concepts that could be a boon to decent folks.