Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Should the Confederate Flag be banned?

Richard Cohn of the SPLC is leading the charge to ban the Confederate Flag. I guess his logic is as follows:

1. Dylann Roof murdered 9 people
2. Murdering 9 people is evil
3. Dylann Roof was seen in a picture with a Confederate flag
4. Therefore, the Confederate Flag must be evil
5. Evil things (such a flag) must be banned.

As an American, I personally don't believe any ideas or symbols should be banned. But Mr. Cohn must be channeling the spirit of his ancestors (such as Bella Kun aka "Cohn") who launched the Red Terror across Eastern Europe.

But what I don't understand is the inconsistency of his logic.  Because in 1946, Zionist terrorists massacred 91 people at the King David Hotel. These Zionists waved the Star of David flag.

So I would think consistent logic would state:

1. A Zionist terror cell killed 91 innocent people
2. Murdering 91 people is evil
3. These Zionists were seen with the Star of David flag
4. Therefore, the Star of David flag must be evil
5. Amazon should stop selling the Israeli flag

It is also curious that White people who want to peacefully obtain a homeland are called  "White Supremacists" . But Jews who support Israel are not called "Jewish Supremacists". On the contrary - if you oppose a Jewish ethnic state you are an evil "anti Semite".


  1. I dont think the truth has anything to do with whats going on, but it feels good to here somebody speak it out loud. Keep it up.

  2. The difference is easy to understand. They are always right and you are wrong, especially if you're right. Yes? no?

  3. I want to buy a toy Dukes of Hazzard car, before they get banned, too.

    Oh no, too late:

  4. I wonder if all these people and politicians who think banning the Confederate flag is a super duper neat way to atone for the sin of white racism were prescribed Ritalin to control their high energy emotions and outbursts when they where in grammar school? They may also be on powerful antidepressants now that they are older too. wonders.

  5. Burn that rag if you want, it's time passed long ago. But use the same standards to burn the israel rag, and the gold braided stars and stripes and all symbols of capitalism that have never represented the constitution or bill of rights.

  6. Everything you say, that I recall, makes total sense.