Thursday, June 25, 2015

Should Gone With The Wind be burned?

The usual suspects are frothing at the mouth calling for censorship, book burning and grave desecration. They are pretty much following the same pattern that they established during the Red Terror in Russia and Eastern Europe. People thought that such a thing could never happen in the USA. Well, yeah, they were wrong. During my trips to Eastern Europe I talked to many people who experienced this Trotsky shit. And they warned me that the USA was going down the same path.

The actions of our enemy don't surprise me. They never change their spots. What I find disgusting is the so called "conservatives" who grovel in hopes they will win favor with the Marxists. The lack of spine from most of these "men" is mind boggling.

How in the fuck did these men:

Morph into this?

Fucking collaborators. From history we learn that the Marxists will ruthlessly dispose of such collaborators when they are done with them.

Marxists always love a good old fashioned book burning:

Apple bans Civil War games:

Sadly, my great-great grandfather fought on the wrong side of the Civil War. In his defense, he was only 17 and he could not have known that the United States would descend into tyranny 150 years in the future.

"RAMSEY, William, Springs Valley Herald (March 1, 1923) Obituary
William Ramsey was born in Harrison County, Indiana Feb. 12, 1845 and died Feb. 24, 1923, age 78 years and 12 days.

He served three years in the Civil War in Company C, 24th Indiana Volunteers, which he served faithful."


  1. As an RSS subscriber, I enjoyed your editorial process today RamZ :)

    One thing that people are forgetting when they complain about the confederate flag is that the largest slave owner in *South Carolina* of all places was a freed negro named William Ellison. Not to mention the disrespect banning the flag shows to the black folk who gave their lives defending the Confederacy because they believed in their homeland.

    But hey, we have a media frenzy, and everyone's flocking to the direction their strings are being pulled in...

  2. The new 'Americans' think that the CSA flag belongs to the museum(of 'hate' AKA things they hate), as does the USA flag and ALL white people worldwide in general (stuffed)! :-( They are EVIL, ILL, FREAKS, GENOCIDAL, CHILD HARMING and ANTI-WHITE! By the way, great post RamzPaul :-) Thanks for doing all of this ^_^

  3. Great song thank you so much.

  4. Apparently, George Washington kept slaves all of his life - so you guys may have to rethink the name of your Capital.
    As a well meaning foreigner, may I suggest Obamaton ? Lutherkingston works too.

  5. oh ramzpaul these are sad days, what do we do?