Saturday, June 13, 2015

#WrongSkin - Troll of the year

Grodfrey Elfwick wins the RAMZPAUL troll of the year award. Sadly, proficient trolling has become almost a thing of the past. Now much "trolling" is just mean spirited people acting like retards. But good trolling is a type of satirical performance art. And Elfwick is a master artist.

The problem Cultural Marxists have is that if race is just a social construct, why can't people choose their race? After all, people are now allowed to choose their gender. That may sound good on paper, but how would racial preferences (such as affirmative action) work? Racial preferences can't really work if everyone is allowed to claim to be black.

So Social Justice Warriors are now reduced to determining racial hygiene. How much "black" do you have to be to get preferential treatment from corporations and the government? 50%? 10%? 100%? Do Social Justice Warriors ascribe to the "one drop rule"?


  1. I'd like to know more about the fake groups that the SPLC has supported. I see some clownish "pro-White" groups that look suspicious.

    1. I would say groups and individuals such as the National Socialist Movement, most Ku Klux Klans, and the Aryan Nations, as well as people like Will Williams, Kevin Strom, Robert Ransdell, and Craig Cobb do nothing but provide favors for the SPLC/ADL with their soundbites, wacky behavior, and counterproductive activity. I wouldn't even cross the street with the members of the groups and individuals I listed above.

  2. I dunno if you have watched this?

  3. Oh, so you think it is funny being a negro trapped in a honky's body? How cruel and racist can you be!

  4. The EEOC used to require employers to determine the race of new hires by "visual survey". The rules were changed around 2007 to allow employees to self-identify. Of course if enough wrongskin whites were to self-identify as black, they would just change the rules. But it's worth a shot....