Monday, July 13, 2015

El Chapo Threatens Trump

"El Chapo" escaped prison (please bitch,  he was let out by the government) and threatened Donald Trump.

He tweeted:

Sigue chingando y voy hacer que te tragues todas tus putas palabras pinche guero cagaleche @realDonaldTrump

"cagaleche" means shitting white... semen. It is a slur against homosexuals. It seems that the drug cartel leaders are not politically correct.

Ironically, both Trump and "El Chapo" have much in common. Both are self made billionaires who have a "fuck you" attitude.

Take a look at how Trump handles Cohn trying to troll him:

This is in contrast to politicians such as Lindsey Graham. Linden has joked about being Israel's bitch.

You can tell much about a man from his eyes:

Luciano (Mafia Leader)

El Chapo  (Drug cartel Leader) 



Senator Graham (need I say more?)

Being a bitch:


  1. off topic, but it seems you'd not read twitter anyway:

    all those "white" serial killers are actually Jewish by race

  2. Another great post, Ramz.
    Simple truths that most people desperately want to deny.

  3. Ramz, since at this point all we can do is give the system engineers the finger any way we can think of, let me ask for your endorsement of one tactic.

    I know you're not from the deep South but I'm certain where your sympathy lies over the recent push against White and Southern symbols, in this case the Confederate flag.

    I can't think of a bigger FU than SJWs not being able to avoid seeing that flag, in sticker form, attached to everything in sight, everywhere they look.

    Please consider endorsing this, as without a very widespread effort it won't amount to much. With a widespread effort (nationwide? worldwide?) it would have the idiots pulling their hair out.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  4. If I were the Donald and I got a tweet from this "El Chapo" fool and it was in Spanish I would send it back immediately and reply that I do not accept any communications from a Hispanic who is so damn backward and stupid they can't read and write English. Only English spoken and read here.

    Also, that disgusting Lindsey Graham represents South Carolina in the Senate. It is rumored that the mere sight of a Confederate battle flag sends him into a hysterical traumatic meltdown like he gets when he breaks a nail.