Monday, July 6, 2015

Greece Refuses Pound of Flesh

I find it somewhat amusing how bankers who make billions from financial manipulations have gall to lecture Greece that they must accept an austerity plan. These are people who fly in private jets (while lecturing us about global warming) and buy mansions far away from the diversity they proclaim to love. These same people dare to lecture the elderly in Greece that they must work into their old age so that these shysters can get their pound of flesh.

Shakespeare wrote about the tension between mercy and justice. During the Middle Ages, Christians were not permitted to charge interest on a debt. However, people still wanted to be loaned money. Hence, the Jews filled this gap.

In modern times the bankers are both gentile and Jew. But no matter Jew or Gentile, debt is destructive to people and nations.

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  1. The loan was never backed up by anything solid in the first place - It was created from nothing.
    This 'new' money causes inflation (Zimbabwe) which is a tax on us all - the lender just collects interest which has come from productive work and has real value. In the meantime, if anything should go wrong, there is always a bailout - another tax on us all.
    The private banking 'families' who created this win-win scam are giggling at us all.