Saturday, July 18, 2015

Obama's secret race database

Obama has a secret race database. The goal of this database is to purge any White areas that might provide resistance to the regime. Obama is attempting to do the ethnic cleansing that Stalin did in Estonia and Euthanasia.  Like Stalin, he will fail.

The goal is to "enrich" White neighborhoods with this sort of behavior:


  1. If blacks are living in diverse cities, aren't they integrated already?
    And if urban Liberals want even more integration with blacks, why not put lots of blacks in luxury condos and subsidize them in the ciites?
    Cities are filled with Jews, homosexuals, Asians, Arabs, Hindus, Mexicans, and etc. What wonderful diversity! Why deprive blacks of the wonderful diversity of cities and plant them in white suburbs? I thought diversity is good for blacks.

    Also, as cities are booming while suburbs are declining, why move blacks to suburbs? Why not keep them in the city where most of the jobs and economic growth are?

    Of course, we know the REAL Reason for this.

    Urban gentry don't want a lot of blacks because they find blacks to be too troublesome, violent, aggressive, and dysfunctional. Also, as evolution made blacks stronger, tougher, and more aggressive, much of urban crime and thuggery are carried out by blacks.
    Look at most crime in NY, Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, and etc, and it's black on white, black on Asian, black on Jewish, etc.
    That is the real reason why urban Liberal gentry want to ship blacks out to the declining suburbs that are facing economic hard times.

    Cities are now booming because, beginning with Clinton, lots of blacks were tossed in prison. That lowered crime rates. Also, Stop-and-Frisk and other such aggressive policing targeted blacks. Also, Section 8 programs sent a lot of blacks out of the city into small towns and suburbs where less privileged and fortunate whites(often lower middle class or working class)were dumped with the black problem.
    Of course, when urban Liberals ship blacks out of cities, it is called 'promoting integration'(even though it means urban white/Jewish Liberals need integrate less with blacks). But when suburban whites protest the arrival of these undesirable blacks, many of whom are delinquent and deficient, they are called 'racist'. When rich urban whites/Jews/homos gentrify and kick blacks out, it is 'progressive'. When suburban and small town whites show displeasure, it is 'racist'.
    But oh well, Liberal Jews own and control most of the media, so they get to define the Narrative. It's like Israel gets to do as it pleases but is showered with praise and prizes by the US, but Syria and Iran are denounced for their 'human rights abuses' for simply trying to survive. One set of rules for Jews, another set of rules for Muslims and Arabs.

    1. Now, why did people move to the suburbs? Because they are bigoted? No. it is because they wanted to get away from black crime, thuggery, and intimidation. Blacks are more prone to such behavior because evolution made them stronger and more aggressive. This is a fact. Look at statistics of most interracial violence and it is black on white, black on asian, black on arab, black on mexican, and etc.
      So, many whites, hispanics, asians, arabs, and etc try to move out of cities to get away from black crime. Indeed, even decent hardworking and law-abiding blacks move to the suburbs to get away from bad blacks. Indeed, suburbs have been open to blacks who have proven that they work, save, and can afford to live in the suburbs.
      But there are blacks who aren't good anything but crime, thuggery, dysfunction, and etc.
      And the problem of bad blacks isn't because of schools or whatever. You can build a nice school with great teachers in some crappy black neighborhood, but blacks will just act crazy and mess it all up. Besides, inner city blacks are in the heart of the city, so they are close to all the industries and institutions that offer top jobs. And per-student spending on education has gone up in big cities even in black neighborhoods. But guess what? Even schools that spend more on black students do much worse than schools that spend less on non-black students. Proximity has nothing to do with it. University of Chicago and Yale are close to black communities, but most blacks don't go there since most of them are too stupid and anti-intellectual. But even blacks who live far away from cities do well in sports because they are bigger and stronger and more aggressive. In contrast, even Asians and Mexicans who grow up in cities with the sports stadiums don't succeed in sports because they are physically built to excel in sports.

      Anyway, the Liberal idea is that the problem is blackness itself. Of course, no Liberal will admit this. They will speak the usual PC jargon. But brush aside the usual cliches, and the Liberal conclusion is TOO MANY BLACKS ARE BAD.
      So, maybe the solution is to disperse and relocate blacks in various places where they are de-blackened culturally.
      You see, TOO MANY WHITES are not bad. An all-white community can be nice and decent. TOO MANY JEWS are not bad. An all-Jewish community can be nice and decent. TOO MANY ASIANS are not bad. An all-Asian community can be nice and decent. Even TOO MANY HISPANICS are not bad since there are many decent all Hispanic communities.
      But usually, when there are TOO MANY BLACKS, a critical mass is reached where blacks revert to their jungle jive nature and act like lunatics and mess things up by having wild loose sex, beating up teachers, howling all night long, cackling like idiots, fighting like fools, and etc.
      So, the idea is to disperse blacks all around so that a black critical mass of TOO MANY BLACKS idiocy won't be achieved. If there are 100,000 blacks together, they'll act wild and crazy. But maybe if you divide the 100,000 into units of 100 and spread them all around, they will be less likely to develop a critical mass of stupid ugly black behavior. Since blacks will be outnumbered by non-blacks, maybe blacks will become culturally de-blackened. And if they mate with non-blacks and have mixed race babies, maybe black craziness can lessened through dilutocide. It's like Mexican black population used to be 5% but mexican blacks 'disappeared' into the overall black population through mass race-mixing or dilute-o-cide.
      If the black population of the US were only 3%, it might work. But as there are too many blacks, this policy of dispersal will not work. Like with financial derivatives that led to the financial meltdown in 2008--where worthless loans were bundled with good ones and sold around the world--, bundling bad blacks all around in nice suburban communities will only corrupt and destroy the suburbs into a 1000 Fergusons.


    2. Anyway, no one complains that Chinatown has too many Chinese, or Jewtown has too many Jews or homotown has too many homos. TOO MANY of such people don't seem to cause much problems. if anything, their communities often prosper more than others. Indeed, more chinese together the better, more jews together the better, more homos together the better.
      But too many blacks usually ends in failure because the basic mode of black behavior is loudness, lewdness, sexual wildness, macho thuggery, rap music lunacy, obnoxiousness, bullying, hollering all night long, and etc.

      The simple fact of the matter is that urban gentry don't want a lot of troublesome blacks in the city. They've often used homos to spearhead gentrification to drive blacks out. It's called Gentric Cleansing.
      All this 'integration' talk is bogus. It is just rich urban Jewish, white, and homo Liberals using their political muscle and economic clout to bribe and pressure suburbs to take the problem of cities which is the black problem since, let's be honest, evolution made blacks stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent.

    3. An All black or an all brown neighborhood doesn't need DIVERSITY because they are already 100% DIVERSE. Only White neighborhoods need DIVERSITY because one White family is one White family TOO many. Only after DIVERSITY has chased down and GENOCIDED the last White family can Amurika proudly lay claim to achieving 100% DIVERSITY.

  2. Din Do Nuffins - shortened to DinDooz. I like it.

  3. I wish to live among white people as I am a white person. If loving us is wrong I dont wanna be right. Racist as hell and dont give a fuck about any people but my own.

  4. Sometimes I wonder...

    Did PC make white Libs so willfully naive and dumb that they don't see the obvious irony?

    Libs attack BIRTH OF A NATION as 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil and raaaaaacist' because it suggested that the natural mode of Negroes is to be wild and crazy and unfit for civilized society.

    But just look at what black influence has done not only to American dance but American debating and discussion.

    I mean how is that debate all that different from this?

    BOAN was a truly prophetic movie.

    Sure, it is offensive and ludicrous in parts, but it speaks a helluva lot more truth than the fairytale of Atticus Finch and the other story with a mountain-sized negro who luvs a little white mouse.