Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Body Parts

Below is a video of "doctor" Deborah Nucatola, a Planned Parenthood employee, calming discussing the selling of baby body parts while she was enjoying a glass of wine.

This really does not shock me. This is the face of a social justice warrior. There is no sort of depravity that bothers them in the slightest. However, they are quick to use our sense of honor and decency against us. They assume that they can butcher children, destroy our monuments and defile the graves of our ancestors without consequence. After all, we must turn the other cheek and tolerate their actions. That is their premise. It will suck for them if their premise is wrong.


  1. Are you serious about bullfighting? It's really disappointing to find out that you're a kind of SJW on behalf of bulls.

    1. Animal cruelty is for cowards.

      You take pleasure in the torture of animals? You for dog-fighting too?

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    3. Spare me your bleeding heart bullshit, please.

      Don't give me moral lessons.

  2. I hadn't noticed this story until I saw your blog, RamZ. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I also got that comparison point you were making. Very powerful and worthy of consideration.

  3. Conservatives need to oppose abortion among their own ranks but promote it among Liberals, blacks, and others.

    Who cares if anti-whites kill their own kids?

    Like you said, chivalry is only for those within the group.
    Pro-life should only be for conservatives because conservative life is precious.
    But Liberal and black lives are not precious. Let them kill their own babies.

    It would have been much better if Obama, Holder, Kagan, Sotomayor, Biden, and Clinton had been aborted as babies.