Monday, July 20, 2015

San Diego Comic Con - Can Girls Be Geeks?

The San Diego Comic Con "triggered" the anxiety of a man who saw a horror movie trailer playing at a booth.

Hat tip to Roosh's forum:

The video that triggered feels is below:

Years ago I attended a Comic conference in Dallas with my son who was then 10 years old. I was pretty shocked. I was expecting maybe a few hundred people with kids browsing Archie comics. Instead I found that these conferences mostly attract adults with a weird mix of fantasy and sexual themes. The people who attend pride themselves as being part of the "geek" culture.

When I was younger, "geek" suggested someone who was smart and had an academic interest in math or science. Now the term "geek" seems to include anyone with a weird fetish - such as collecting ponies.

One of these pony boys was at such a conference attending a "speed dating" session for geeks. The fact that he still lives with his parents and collects toy ponies did not seem to work at attracting girls. Not even "geeky" girls like this guy.

But I am not really sure what defines a girl as a "geek". It seems that if a girl plays video games that meets the requirement of being a geek.


  1. As a youngster many of my friends would be considered to be geeks - whether it was an obsession with steam locomotives, aircraft or radio transmission etc.
    I have never known a girl to show the slightest interest in such areas. Geek is a boy thing. If you want any information about any subject imaginable, there will be a geek forum willing to help you down to the minutest detail.

  2. Hey, RamZ, I would play Twilight Struggle and Luftwaffe with you, but Risk is my favorite board game. I'm a vagina-born girl and I privately sent you my answer to "What's the geekiest thing you've ever done." :)

  3. RamZ, sorry for Nephy's splattering your website with her personal behavior. Unfortunately, Wyatt and I took a Risk and mis-configured the brain/vag equivalence (extremely frustrating work!) on v. 2.6. She has been unpredictable ever since. Should this cause you embarrassment or inconvenience please give us a call and we'll send Kelly (v.8.9) right up.

  4. There are lady geeks. We get satisfaction in organizing and cleaning. Ladies who are into this help each other find the right containers for this and that. We discuss products. When there is a collection of stuff we find a tray or basket that is just-right. It's a lot of fun.