Wednesday, July 8, 2015

When Irish Eyes Are Black

Some of the prettiest girls in the world are Irish. The emerald isle is famous for blondes and red heads.

An Irish Actress

Emma Murphy is a pretty young Irish girl who has been enriched. She posted a video that went viral on Facebook.


  1. Emma is white trash. What is the mystery here? Unfortunately, young white women screwing negros is a international rage. And eventually their chocolate hunk beats the shit out of them and that is what they deserve. There is a recent video of the black FSU ex quarter back in a crowded bar and he punches a white woman and it is interesting to note the many young and viral white males around this encounter do nothing except continue to drink their beer and and gaze away.

    1. Your description of the events omits important six important details: 1) the woman instigated the verbal exchange; 2) the woman instigated the physical altercation by attacking twice with an intent to attack a third time; 3) the initial response of the male was to restrain her hand in order to keep from being struck; 4) the male struck the female after being struck in the woman's second attempt at an assault; 5) the crowded nature of the bar eliminated the possibility of evasion; 6) the male struck the woman in a legitimate act of self defense and then immediately left.

      This was not a situation where the male acted improperly. It was the female who acted improperly and the footage in the video substantiates this. I understand the tendency to place blame on the FSU ex-quarterback due to the phenomena of disproportionate criminal behavior committed by Black males but in this case the female in the video is the one deserving of all culpability. In fact, her actions were criminal while the actions of the male were justified on the grounds of self defense. In the so-called "manosphere" many are making the case that the woman's actions are the result of the widespread phenomena of feminine privilege. I am in agreement with this evaluation. Review the video on your own and see for yourself.

    2. I saw that video of the quarterback and the woman in the bar. I agree that she had it coming. Sorry, but that's what you get when you're drunk and obnoxious and you wrassle with alligators.

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  2. Probably for the best: the 'viral' white males obviously didn't want to spread their contagion.

  3. Great post. I've sent it on to everyone I know and also linked to it on my blog.

  4. As a conservative, you must know the power of nature.

    Women are turned on by alpha males.

    It could be Asian guys are nicer and more dependable than white guys. But why do so many Asian girls go with white guys, even not-so-good ones?

    White males face the same threat from black males who dance better and can beat up white guys. White women are turned on by black guys. It's primal.

    The only solution for white men is separation, but whites will have to admit that blacks are stronger and more aggressive, therefore a racial thjreat to white pride and well-being.

    Call of the wild is more potent than plea of the mild.

    If this woman were in a room with you and a Negro, you could act nicer and kinder. But she would immediately notice that the Negro has more toughness and that you are scared of him; he could kick your ass in no time. So, she goes with him as the winner and despises you as the loser.

    This happens all across schools in America.

    And it will get worse as Jewish-backed Obama is now forcing integration.

    Africans invade Europe, and blacks are coming to your town to get your daughter and pussify your son.

    Segregation used to mean state-enforced separation.

    Now, it means personal choice to live apart from dangerous blacks.

    1. There might be something to that for some women, but I think you're overdoing it with the "black men are bigger, stronger and hunkier" than whites. I think overall blacks are bigger people than whites, but there are still plenty of big, strong whites around. And some of those big strong whites have a head on their shoulders, didn't grow up in the jungle (inner city of Detroit or east LA) and might not be accustomed to fighting, but would make a better soldier and protector of women if his country was attacked. In warfare it's not necessarily the physically strongest that makes the best soldier, it's the guy who can be brave under fire and that has nothing to do with size. How many African armies rank as the best in the world? How many rank as not among the worst?

      In addition to being bigger overall, many blacks are very open, uninhibited and might even have better social skills than whites. They're very good in bars. But some white women might go for a white guy or Asian women for an Asian that can protect them, knowing this guy is also intelligent, is a good provider and not a complete loser.

      You might think all black men are bigger and stronger because that is what the media and Hollywood tells you every day. But you're not told they're often less intelligent, uneducated and undependable While I think women like a man bigger than themselves that can protect them, some are smart enough to want a man with a brain and character too. But the media tells women blacks are better than whites in all areas, but some women are smarter than that

      An almost all white team won the world cup in the worlds most popular sport last year (for the fourth time). Without white trainers, white knowledge of training techniques and white doctors I would bet whites could compete and win against blacks in most sports.

      But you're a woman and I'm a man so I would say your opinion counts more than mine in this debate so what we would need is a poll of white women.

  5. I think part of the problem for Europe is that white women are becoming addicted to jungle fever.

    White guys might understand this threat better if seen in this way.

    Suppose massive migration into Europe is mostly made up of women from another continent. Suppose these women have big tits and big asses and look really sexy. Suppose they are low IQ, wild, and temperamentally untrustworthy. But suppose they are hot and sexy and really really really turn European men on. And suppose they are willing to put out to just about any European man.

    These invasive women will be bad for European society, but European men will want more of such women to come since it means more sexual pleasure for them. After all, men(more than women) think in terms of short-term pleasure.

    European women will be angry that European men now have the hots for these invasive babes from another continent. And European women, like Ramzpaul, will try to talk sense to European men and warn them to stick with European women and reject these nasty wild hot babes. But the men are excited by mass arrivals of these bodacious babes with big knockers and juicy butts who are willing to put out sexually.

    The power of nature overrides the power of reason, especially in modern libertine society where open displays of sexuality is the norm.

    So, no amount of reason by white men to white women will work. They just sound like 'boring parents' telling their kids to study and behave. Women look down on men who plead for loyalty. It is a sign of weakness.

    White women may be aware of the long-term danger of massive invasion by African men, but they also know it means easy sexual pleasure with mandingos who are willing to hump just about any white woman.

    Besides, PC assures everyone that blacks will make Europe better and more vibrant. And white guys remain silent cuz if they stood up to black men in public, they will get beaten by the more muscled blacks.

    This problem also exists among feminist elites:

    1. Get beaten??? Hell, they get thrown under the bus by other worthless white males and called "fascist" or "racist". If they try to stand up for themselves, they lose friends and possibly their job. Honestly, white males have had it...

  6. One major flaw in Ramzpaul's thinking is the assumption that the MAIN reason why white women should reject blacks is because blacks are violent.

    But suppose it weren't so. Suppose blacks are invading Ireland and taking white women but also being real nice and supportive.

    Would that make things better? Would Ramzpaul then support interracism?

    White men should oppose interracism, esp with blacks(even if black men are nice and good) because it mean genetic destruction of white race with its unique beauty and also because it means the demise of white manhood(as increasing numbers of white women will choose black men as superior in the masculine department).

    For 1000s of yrs, the greatest pride for Irish women was to give birth to Irish sons. That was her pride and joy. Now, as Irish women see muscled blacks with big dongs come to their country, they no longer want to take the seed of irish men and give birth to irish sons. They want to reserve their womb for the incubation of black babies. Irish wombs are increasingly closed off to irish sperm. For 1000s of yrs, Irish wombs produced Irish babies. Now, they are auto-genocidal incubators of black babies.

    It is a total insult and attack on Irish manhood...but too many irish guys are submissive rap-music worshiping toadies to black power and mastery.

    But then, Ireland voted for 'gay marriage' in an election.

    A totally deracinated and pussifed nation. This is what Jewish, homo, and negro influence does to a nation.

    1. Hello there, schlomo. You seem to be very interested in cuckoldry. Women want providers and high achievers. White men out-earn blacks by far, some women might want brutishness for sure, but it's not that black and white (pardon the pun). ;-)

  7. Just another woman who goes with the exciting bad boy then expects sympathy when he turns out to be a bad boy.

    My sympathy levels are depleted.

  8. throw the little bastard in the lake.fukn demon seed.

  9. Interesting post! I think that many people don't understand who is "alpha woman" but they should know it! Read it must open your eyes to this subject and you will know many new things! Enjoy)