Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has Problems

What the Sea Hag (aka Hillary Clinton) and Jeb Bush have in common is that both are despised by the majority of Americans. However, the globalist leaders who buy politicians have determined that these are to be our choices. Hillary is deigned to be the Democratic nominee because it is "her turn", whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. And Jeb Bush has a last name of Bush. And since the last two Presidents named Bush were failures, hey, why not go for three?

The only talent Hillary seems to have is breaking the law and creating scandals. If I were to move Top Secret documents to a private server, I would be in jail. But she is connected, and our political whores don't have to abide by the same rules and laws as the rest of Americans.

Hillary reminds me of Elena Ceausescu. Both were women who got their positions from sleeping with the right men.

RAMZ "Aqualung" Paul


  1. Trouble is, Trump has a long history of friendship and 'association' with the Clintons. He also is reported as having extensive property investments in Israel. Two of his kids have married jews. Is he going to rock the Mideast boat? Nah.

  2. Must anagram stripper names for Hillary and Elena:

    Chantilly Lorin = Hillary Clinton
    Essence Cauleau = Elena Ceausescu

    Jethro Tull > awesome

  3. I'm not going to vote for Hillary Clinton or any other whore of the Jews, but in fairness to her she's a Yale Law School graduate and married Bill almost 20 years before he became president. Her credentials might be better than his before he became president. He was considered a successful governor of a small state who was touted as a Rhodes scholar.

    I would vote for Trump except for one thing, he won't endorse the Iran deal. If not for this, I would enthusiastically back him.

    I don't blame Trump for this, but a book could be written on this subject. I've read that the USA's "elite" was once the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) and I think this was true, although I also believe the Jews became a rival power almost immediately after they starting coming to the USA in the early 1900's. But I think there were limits to their power and they could not do things out in the open as they do today. I also think the US considered itself a "Christian" country so Jews were "outsiders" for this reason. No more. As the website The Occidental Observer says, Jews are now the USA's elite - they run the country.

    I grew up in New York state like Trump, not far from the city. He's a little more than 10 years older than I am. We have a similar background, but my parents came to the US where it was his grandparents that came to the US. He's Scottish on one side but it was his German grandfather on the other side that started the business he got into and put it onto it's road to success, which Trump continued. By the 1970's Jews dominated New York and I think it soon spread from there to the rest of the country. But because of my ethnic background I felt uneasy with Jews, although I had Jewish friends.

    Donald Trump's family is an example of the disaster that has hit this country. He comes from a Wasp (ish) background, inheriting brains and money from his German grandfather and father, he married a beautiful Czech and they had a beautiful and intelligent daughter Ivanka. Ivanka married a Jew and converted to Judaism. That shows you who is in power. Years ago Jews converted to Christianity in some countries, now Christians convert to Judaism. Not only that, but she came from the wealthy and famous family.

  4. Hey Ramzpaul did you see chuck the cuck todd trying to beat down Trump. I wish the Don would of reached over and bitch slapped his ass. Thats his new name chuck the cuck.

  5. Just a minor nit -- I think the accent on Elena is on the first syllable.