Sunday, August 2, 2015

Michael Savage - Nationalism for Me, Not for Thee

Michael Savage, a radio show talk host, discovered the word "cuckservative" the other week. Poor Mike was somewhat confused as he is older and I think his view of the world pretty much comes from Fox News. So internet memes are confusing to him.

But once he read that "cuckservative" had to do with the interests of White Americans he was immediately triggered. In the video below (starts at 6:00) Michael makes the following statement:

"White European American interests are reserved for the dustbin of history"

What is curious, is that Michael Savage is a strong advocate of ethnic nationalism for his people.


  1. God worried that the Gentiles wouldn't recognize these obnoxious parasites for what they were, so he gave them New York accents.

  2. Another great vid. Thanks, Ramz.

  3. Maybe he meant that since whites (too many anyway) just love to feel guilty and will apologize to anything that moves are in danger of fading away (since we only makeup 9% of the earth's population) because we are too mealy mouthed and totally shit scared of being called RACIST?
    If this is what he meant then I agree!

  4. It's great to see those hypocrites being called out with ever greater frequency. The chutzpah is just breathtaking. (How many times have I said that?).

  5. It's great to see those hypocrites being called out with ever greater frequency. The chutzpah is just breathtaking. (How many times have I said that?).

  6. I'm tempted to send a link to the website Occidental Observer to him. But he might have a heart attack. He may or may not be right about Trump losing if he's identified with preserving America's European heritage, but I think RAMZPAUL has it right when he says Savage is unfamiliar with the internet and the alternate media. I think he's also unaware of the growing anger at hypocritical Jews like himself has no idea of the train in the tunnel heading right for him and his kind.

    He's a liar when he says race has nothing to do with this country. This country was founded and built by whites, white Christians. It was part of the (white) British Empire and was still white when it became independent. Until 1965 the policy of the country was to favor fellow whites overwhelmingly in immigration, allowing fellow Europeans into the country. After allowing some Jews in, the Jews organized (no surprise there) and pushed for more Jewish immigration. Immigration favored northern Europeans until the late 1800's, early 1900's. Whites generously allowed Jews into their country and whites can throw ungrateful Jews out of their country if the uppity Jew tries to change the history of the USA by claiming there is no connection between the USA and whites. Jews have been thrown out of countries hundreds of times throughout history for stabbing in the back those that were good to them. We're not there yet, but every time a Jew shoots off his big mouth against whites he sends a few more whites into the white nationalist camp. Savage did it here again.

    I read once that he's Sean Hannity's mentor and the influence on what Hannity says, which makes perfect sense. Hannity is an American whore the Jews pay.

  7. Anti-Racist/Zionist = contradiction.