Sunday, August 23, 2015

Should Roosh's Books Be Burned?

Arthur Chu, a former Jeopardy Champion who now writes for Salon Magazine, is calling for a good old fashioned book burning. This particular witch hunt is targeting books written by a man known as Roosh.

Roosh is a former Pickup Artist (PAU) who now writes self-improvement books for men. As Roosh opposes feminism these books are now considered to be "hate" and must be banned from Amazon. Yeah, this short and obese Asian really thinks he should be able to decide what Americans are allowed to read. Maybe he secretly wishes he was Kim Jong-un?

Arthur Chu's Twin Brother?

Below is a video that explains how Canada lost free speech:


  1. Black Fists Batter.

    Unarmed black thug who pounded a 76 yr old white woman has been caught. Is there 'hate crime' for attacking the elderly?

    Is this a Section 8 crime? As white suburbanites grow older, they will become more defenseless if their communities fill up with unarmed black thugs via section 8 programs.

    I think we should start a new meme. Whenever black thugs attack people with fists and feet, we should refer to them as 'unarmed thugs'. That way, we can highlight how much problem is caused by 'unarmed youths' who run around and punch and kick.

    Unarmed thug robs. Unarmed thug punches. Unarmed thug rapes. Unarmed thug murders.

    The media use 'unarmed black youth' to imply that helpless and defenseless blacks are being gunned down.
    But if we refer to all the unarmed black thugs who cause so much trouble, we can highlight the fact that the main problem with blacks is that they are physically bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than other races.

    I mean George Foreman was unarmed when he KO'd all those guys in the ring.

    It is because blacks are stronger and tougher that they act cocky and nasty even when unarmed. And since white cops cannot handle blacks physically, they must sometimes use armed force, like when 'gentle giant' charged small officer Wilson.

    1. That's a good bit of verbal jujitsu right there.

  2. They are acting exactly as the nazis acted when they burned books. They try to destroy what they don't like. Just like every other totalitarian regime, call it communism, nazism, fascism or whatever. They are provoking a ferocious opposite reaction. They don't realize that's better for us. They don't learn from History.

    Whe are lucky they are so dumb.

  3. My subscription to Salon Magazine never arrived!!!! Oops, I never sent a subscription in. Everyone I asked if they have a subscription to Saloon or is that Salon Mag. said they never heard of it.

  4. First thought: NOWAG (no one wants Asian guys).