Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trump Claims Heidi Klum is no longer a 10

The media is attempting to play the worn out "war on women" meme concerning Donald Trump. It seems that Trump made a comment in 2005 on the Howard Stern Show that Heidi Klum is no longer a "10". Trump was recently asked about this comment in a NY Times interview.

This is the state of the modern media. They really think that Trump's opinion of how some aging model looks is relevant. The mainstream media is getting more idiotic by the day.

Heidi responded (i.e., her handlers responded) with a sexy video that claims she is now a 9.99. The video is sort of cute. She does look nice for her age. But she is no longer 20 and it shows.

But after the cute video, Heidi seemed to get all butt hurt about Trump's remark. Heidi, the woman who made her millions by being prettier than other women, now claims it is wrong to assign a number to a woman and that all women are 10s. Yeah. That makes sense.

This is an example of politically correct talk that is toxic. Because we all KNOW that a 95 year old woman is not as sexually attractive as a 20 year old model. We all fucking know that. But we have to play make believe to placate this weird politically correct egalitarian fantasy than no one really believes.

This is reminiscent of the craziness people under Communism were required to believe. For example, in Romania, people were required to proclaim the scientific brilliance of a semi-literate peasant woman.  They had to keep a straight face as the "world renowned chemist" made it clear she had no idea what CO2 is.


  1. They don't really dare give Trump the Full Treatment yet because that would expose the reality that the system is actually quasi-totalitarian. These little shots on sex and race are build-ups to the Treatment.. It's exactly the same process used in communist countries, first a little mild criticism, then a little more, then the OK for the Red Guards, then the purge.

  2. With white girls infected with jungalo fever, massive open borders will make things worse for white males who are turning from caucasians to cuckasians. With all those black Africans entering Europe by the boatloads, there will be an exponential increase in Klums. And in time, as Hungary and other Eastern European nations get sucked more and more into EU and US jungle-fever culture, they too will become like Sweden and France where women line up to have babies with black men.

    With white girls weaned on rap and jungle fever fantasies, Europe will turn massively mulatto as white wombs will go Heidi-Klum.

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    Doomsday for the white race when white women are now so brazenly declaring that they wanna go black? White girls now feel no shame about screaming loudly that they prefer black men over white men. Race Betrayal is now cool.

    Alt Right may be intellectual movement, but ideas never turn women on. It's the music, the style, the athletics, and etc. Women find ideas geeky and nerdy.

    Money is the only edge that white guys still have. But with collapse of the Middle Class, white guys are missing out on that too.

  3. Hi, both your links lead to the same article on the Daily Mail. (and they must be getting desperate if this is what they are reaching to to attack Trump)